Allergies – or energy field hypersensitivities – invariably result from the presence of a foreign energy – an energy that isn’t your own – in your energy body.

For example, when you get a cold you immediately become allergic to some foods – often dairy products – and other substances that you may normally tolerate without any problem. The energy of the cold virus is a foreign energy that displaces some of your own energy in your nose and sinuses. So your nose and sinuses temporarily become hypersensitive.

Of course, a cold isn’t usually a big deal because the presence of the foreign energy is temporary. But let’s consider another example - the officially ‘incurable’ illness, interstitial cystitis. Continue reading →

Topics: Allergies

Allergies can be of many different kinds – hypersensitivity to foods, medicines, airborne chemicals, jewelry, fabrics, metals, plastics, ornaments, furniture, animals, other people, sounds, spaces, objects, certain words, or colors  . . . and that’s just a few!

At least some of these categories sound like nonsense from the point of medical science, which assumes an allergy to be a reaction to a particular chemical. However, from the point of view of energy awareness, an allergy is a reaction to a particular energy – which may or may not be associated with a certain chemical. Continue reading →

Topics: Allergies

An allergy is a personal hypersensitivity to something that is not inherently bad for the human body. The medical profession assumes there is a fundamental difference between hypersensitivies that involve the immune system – a true “allergy” – and hypersensitivies affecting other areas of the body – “intolerances.” But the energetic mechanism of reaction – other than that specific to the afflicted area (e.g. your immune system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, etc.) – is the same in all cases. So we refer to all hypersensitivities as “allergies.”

Because of the conventional lack of understanding of allergies there is a common presumption that food allergies are relatively rare – e.g. “more than 3% of adults have one or more food allergies.” But this presumption reflects the common lack of awareness of food allergy rather than its actual low incidence.

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Five months after moving house, Margaret Turrel, age 50, began experiencing some alarming symptoms. They included abdominal pains, inexplicable exhaustion, aching in the joints and anal bleeding. Margaret also became unable to be in the same room as a television because she started breaking out in a sweat . . .

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