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Follow Your Heart – the perennial injunction, but, how do you do it? Vision Life Coaching, one of the services we offer, focusses on helping clients learn to follow their heart by transforming challenging areas of their life – wealth, work, relationships, creativity, etc. – especially areas that feel stuck. An energy-aware mentor heightens awareness of the need for change by reflecting back to the client the ways they tend to lose their energy (qi) and how they can cultivate their energy to move beyond the life-limiting karmas that keep them stuck in unsatisfactory states or circumstances.

As a result of these interactions, we routinely see people achieving profound changes within themselves and their lives – especially those who are willing to follow their heart or live with more ‘intent.’

“I can’t thank you enough for enabling me to know me. I can’t really find the words for it. Vision Life Coaching is quite intense, but the most powerful intervention I’ve ever experienced!” Dr. IW, UK

Vision Life Coaching has made a dramatic difference to my life unlike anything else I have done . . . KP, USA

Follow your heart,’ is, of course, a well-known injunction. But what does it really mean?  In this article, we discuss the essential empowerment process that underlies any ascending development – or progressive illumination – of human consciousness. Continue reading →


Spiritual teachers affect the lives of thousands, or even millions, of people. How and in what ways isn’t normally a topic of conversation. But, as we specialise in looking at the effects of one energy on another, we’re often asked how the energy of a particular spiritual teacher  impacts on the enquirer’s life or spiritual well-being.

This may seem odd to some, but spiritual teachers aren’t any different to any other part of the environment. They radiate certain forms of energy that have observable effects on others energies, with predictable consequences. Obviously, different people respond in different ways to the same energy, but that energy still has its own stable qualities, irrespective of who’s receiving it.

So we thought it might be helpful to describe the energenic effects of the basic kinds of spiritual teacher on their followers. We’ve included one or two examples for each of the categories of spiritual teacher below. Incidentally, although Energy Awareness practitioners tend to be fairly relaxed about energenic observations, we appreciate that many people have strong feelings and opinions about their or others’ spiritual teachers. Therefore, to mitigate any unintended irritation, we’ve only referred to deceased ‘gurus,’ as classic examples of the different types of spiritual teacher.

Of course, many gurus include two or more of the typical energy configurations of spiritual teachers so, as always, reality is more complex than simple categorisations. But, hopefully, this will give you a sense of the various kinds of spiritual teacher. And how they may, or may not, fulfil their particular role in your life.

We touch on some ‘big’ topics in this blog post, necessarily briefly, so feel free to post your questions and comments below.

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We’re experimenting with a DLAN wireless home network, which is looking good. If you’re aware of what damage the pulsed microwave frequencies of wifi, portable (cell) and DECT phones etc. can do to the human body and its chakras, you might be limiting your phone use, or avoiding a wireless connection and using a LAN cable instead right now. It’s what we’ve been recommending for our Energy Solutions clients up until a few days ago.  Then my awareness was drawn to the DLAN solution.

I’d read about D-LANs for some time but never quite understood how they worked or where you got one. Well, necessity being the mother of invention, and ‘co-incidence’ the voice of the spirit, I was browsing in the local Orange store for a possible way to get an internet connection into a bedroom for a guest without draping a 30m cable down the stairs, through the hallway etc etc. when my eyes lit upon a DLAN plug! Bingo! Continue reading →

We stopped by a cute cafe today to have lunch, only to discover it was awash with laptops – and thus with wifi signals. Hmmh, time to see how the Energy Egg was doing in its wifi protection task. Well, I’m pleased to report, it was doing good – in fact very good!

We observed that it was keeping the wifi stress about two inches away from the body. Remember the energy body, as opposed to the energy field, is co-located with the physical body, so anything getting to the energy body is going to have a material impact on the physical health of someone. An environmental stress in the energy field is much less hazardous, and, relatively speaking, much easier to eliminate.

So, two inches away from the energy body was good news. I might feel a little sweaty or fuzzy-headed in the moment, but no permanent damage was being done. Actually I didn’t even feel that, so my energy egg has obviously strengthened my own environmental stress ‘immunity.’ On with the research.

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