Energy Awareness

Energy awareness is the ability to perceive the effect(s) of one subject on the energy of another.

For example, an energy-aware doctor can perceive how a medicine will affect the [health-controlling] energies of her patients. An energy-aware architect can perceive how a building design will, once it has been realised, affect the [health / relationship / wealth / etc.] energy of its occupants or people within its vicinity. And an energy-aware individual can tell how she will be affected by a food, supplement, item of jewelry, new relationship or vacation destination before exposing herself to these and many other such influences.

To someone who isn’t energy-aware, this can sound like psychism or just plain gobbledygook. To others, with more energy awareness, it’s just stating the obvious . . .

Everyone can sometimes feel the effect of some energies “out there” on their energy – perhaps a certain person “drains” your energy or makes you feel uncomfortable in some other way; maybe you experience headaches, fatigue, depression or even physical aches or pains when in a certain place or when exposed to certain equipment. Or perhaps you just don’t feel right after a sexual encounter with someone – but feel fine with someone else.

All these examples of energy awareness are common experiences. But the difficulty for those who wish to understand them is that such experiences aren’t generally recognised within the culture at large. Doctors aren’t trained to understand that couples can develop allergies to each other’s energy such that one or both experience psychological, energetic or physical reactions to one another, even though their relationship may be fine. Architects don’t know that a certain shape of building will generate an environmental stress that damages the creativity or happiness of vulnerable people who spend much time in that building. And anyone who doesn’t feel right when she looks at a picture of Thailand – and so doesn’t go on holiday there – would be considered rather odd by her friends, even if she did happen to avoid a close encounter with a tidal wave in the process . . .

Energy awareness remains a mystery because it isn’t experienced in the same way or to the same extent by the majority of people. And also because it can’t be measured by scientific instruments. However, this hasn’t prevented millions of individuals, over the millennia, from developing one or more forms of energy awareness. From water diviners through feng shui practitioners, and from psychic surgeons to the Buddha himself, energy awareness continues to awaken and inform people in a remarkable number of ways.

Even though energy awareness isn’t officially recognised and so isn’t yet taught in school, cultivated at university or applied in every profession, it’s known in the world at large as a vague phenomenon commonly called “intuition.” Or even a “gut feeling.” Whereas in the world of energy – the community of those who have cultivated a concrete awareness of energy – intuition is called the “edge” of awareness.

Intuition is only the “edge” because it’s so vague – just as the condition of being blind can be aided to a certain extent, by a stick. But a stick isn’t equivalent to seeing the flowers, butterflies and every other facet of the physical environment. For this, you need to nurture or cultivate your innate energy awareness, which is possible to an extraordinary extent.

The more you choose to do this, the more you perceive how every area of your body, mind and life is being powerfully influenced by a plethora of “subtle” energies – energies that, in most cases, remain wholly unknown to science or those who largely depend upon it for their world view. So we call this process of profound personal development, “stepping into the world of energy,” or sometimes, “making friends with your world.” This is because the more you are able to see how you are being affected by the world around you, the more you enter into an extraordinary dialog with the world as guide, mentor and source of life-changing empowerments.

So the process of “energy awareness” is an adventure – sometimes very challenging but often eye-opening or exciting – that brings unexpected fortunes and talents as well as solutions to otherwise intractable problems. Energy awareness is for anyone who isn’t afraid of stepping into the unknown. And who prefers to see how things are, in her own right, rather than clinging to second-hand knowledge or beliefs acquired from others.

In Living With Energy Awareness, we offer you an energy-aware perspective on a growing number of areas of life. You may find yourself surprised or disturbed that this kind of awareness so often sees things differently from the usual point of view. But this is a common experience of anyone who is developing his or her own awareness. Commonly accepted notions of what is or isn’t “good,” “bad,” “right” or “wrong” are frequently challenged as each of us learns to see the world in a different, but often clearer, light.

With energy awareness, you can cultivate a quality of life that is impossible to achieve by anyone who is unable to discern how their environment, actions, relationships, possessions and words are constantly affecting them from one day to the next.

It may sound like magic but it’s really just about waking up a part of you that is always present but rarely gets much opportunity to be heard. Living with energy awareness is simply the practice of internal awakening to an extraordinary degree. How this manifests in your life only you can discover in the fullness of time. We can help you awaken your energy awareness, but the path that appears through living in this way will always be uniquely your own.

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