Stephen & Lynda Kane

Stephen and Lynda have worked together since 1986, creating and delivering Energy Awareness trainings for awakening innate talents and creativity as well as developing a well-grounded higher awareness. They now work with individuals all over the world through their online program of personal empowerment, the Entry Path. This program is for those who wish to go beyond therapy and healing to deliberately cultivate all their life energies, develop their higher awareness and live an increasingly awakened life.

In addition to offering the Entry Path and mentoring and supporting their students, Stephen and Lynda write books and articles on energy awareness, develop uniquely powerful technology for energy protection and development, offer short trainings for energy awareness development and provide various energy awareness-based consultations such as Energy Solutions and the Living Home.

Having received empowerments from many spiritual masters, Stephen’s work originally focused on medical bio-energetics and the impact of environmental stress on the human body. He was the Director of the Institute for Advanced Health Research, an organisation that pioneered new bio-energetic techniques for overcoming allergy-related illnesses and their associated chronic infections and environmental stresses. He has taught many professional therapists, doctors and lay practitioners. Many ex-patients have continued, after training, to help their families, friends or pupils achieve recoveries from long-term disorders that have resisted other approaches. Stephen’s writings include original work on the theory and practice of human empowerment and in-depth analysis of the many life-determining relationships between human and environmental energies.

In her earlier career, Lynda was the Chief Psychologist at British Airways and, later, psychological consultant and executive coach for senior teams in large organisations. Facilitating change, at both the group and individual level, has always been her primary interest, both psychologically and energetically. After a major career change and going on a long retreat, energy work became the focus of her work.

Lynda began working with Stephen to develop a radically new form of energy psychology – Vision Life Coaching. This powerful form of energy-activating mentoring enables clients to transform limiting conditions or areas of “stuckness” into new abilities, opportunities and positive states of being.

Stephen and Lynda have found that, by learning how to concretely sense and respond to the energies influencing your life, you can initiate changes within yourself and your future that are otherwise impossible to achieve.

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