The School of Energy Awareness

The School of Energy Awareness, founded by Stephen and Lynda Kane, is a center of excellence for the study of human energy and its effects on life and consciousness.

The School offers highly practical workshops for awakening and developing your awareness of your and others life energies in order to bring about powerful and stable change.

Energy Awareness workshops include:

The Energy Awareness Training

. . . for awakening and developing your body energy awareness

The Vision Feng Shui Training

. . . for awakening and developing your environmental energy awareness

The Rainbow of Happiness

. . . for awakening and developing your spirit energy awareness

Trainings from the School of Energy Awareness occur within an accelerated learning environment in which participants commonly make extraordinary yet sustainable progress.

The trainings are based purely on direct perception of human energies. They do not include any religious or scientific bias so are equally appealing to a broad spectrum of people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

An advanced, online, training – the Entry Path – is available to selected applicants. Please contact for further information.

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