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Christmas Blues – the Energy of Depression

It’s not always the season to be merry . . .

Over the years, we’ve been privileged to help thousands of people recover their health, many of whom suffered from anxiety or depression. In fact, one of Stephen’s very first UK clients at the Institute for Advanced Health Research, in 1983, was a young woman suffering from severe clinical depression.

You can read Pamela’s story here – Gas Pipe Blues. Fortunately for Pamela, by finding the actual cause of her depression and dealing with it, she narrowly escaped electroshock ‘therapy,’ gave up her antidepressants and her psychiatrist, and recovered. All by a simple change of something in her environment.

Pamela’s story is a good example of an obvious problem caused by an environmental stress. Since then, we’ve seen thousands of problems being caused by often-easy-to-solve environmental stresses (harmful environmental energies).

But what about when depression isn’t so obvious? Or, when it isn’t necessarily caused by an external stress?Break-Free-from-Depression-300x237

Some of the signs of depression are:

  • Low energy
  • Feeling flat or blank (unable to think with any clarity)
  • Not feeling enthusiastic or seeing the point of doing anything
  • Not wanting to communicate
  • Sleep problems
  • Having problems concentrating on anything
  • Loss of appetite or can’t stop eating
  • Being more irritable, short-tempered or aggressive than usual
  • Seeking drugs – alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, etc. – or food – sugar, grains, fats, etc. – in order to feel better
  • Using passive entertainment – television, films, books, magazines, etc. – to fill your time rather than genuinely being interested in their subjects

Of course, none of the above necessarily mean you are depressed. But if they happen frequently – such as several times a week – there is almost always a depressive component to your ‘normal’ state. Most depression isn’t ‘clinical’ – i.e. it isn’t ‘bad enough’ to end up in a trip to the doctor, so it isn’t diagnosed as depression. And it isn’t resolved. It just goes on and on . .

Millions of people suffer from sub-clinical depression and, in many cases, they don’t know they’re depressed. They’ve lived with it so long, it just seems that’s how they are. They don’t realise they can be happier. Or that they need to be. So they don’t receive any help.

Unfortunately, as the days get shorter in the winter months so access to natural light is reduced, it only gets worse. But it doesn’t have to be this way . . .

The Energy of Depression

The reason we’ve been able to help so many people recover from depression is that we focus on, and teach, ways you can change your energy. This is because if you change your energy effectively, you change. And your life changes too. In fact any change for the better is preceded by a positive change to your energy. The key to transforming your life is knowing how to bring this about.

“When I first came across the Energy Awareness website, it took a few months for me decide to give Stephen and Lynda a go. In the end, they were the only ones who were able to help me . . . when I look back a few years ago, I am amazed how far I’ve come.” Kim P., USA

Just as positive changes in your life are preceded by positive changes of your energy, things also always go wrong with your energy long before they appear as physical or psychological symptoms or other problems in your life. In Pamela’s case, some of her life energy or qi, (also known as chi or ki)  was falling from her forehead to the base of her spine. The effects of this particular ongoing energy loss include confusion, instability, a sense of helplessness, worthlessness, disorientation and/or depression.

Unfortunately, although you may sometimes have some sense of it, your life energy isn’t something that can be measured by a scientific instrument. And in fact, most of the time most people are largely unaware of their own energy. This means your doctor can’t see what’s happening with your energy, (unless he’s at least taken the basic Life Energy Awareness Training or an equivalent awareness development program), or understand the physical or mental consequences for you when it gets out of balance.

So even though you may feel terrible or ‘numbed out,’ all your test results may be ‘normal.’ And, if your doctor is unsympathetic, he’s likely to say, “there’s nothing wrong with you . . .” Even though, obviously, there is something wrong – something that isn’t measured by lab tests.

Every positive state you experience – happiness, confidence, good memory, clarity, inner strength, etc. – results from a certain flow of energy in your body – let’s call all these energy flows, collectively, your ‘energy body.’ And every ongoing symptom or other low energy state you experience reflects a fall or loss of an energy from wherever it’s needed in your energy body. If things are going well in an area of your life, your energy is flowing well in a corresponding area of your energy body. But if you’re experiencing a problem of any kind, your energy is sinking somewhere.

Since our mind, (rather than our awareness), generally runs the show, we tend to look for reasons why we might be depressed. Both Pamela and her husband said there was ‘nothing wrong’ in her life – so, although concerned, her husband wasn’t terribly sympathetic. Why couldn’t his wife just, ‘get her act together?’ – she had no reason to be depressed – apparently.

But, of course, our ability to reason is subject to our senses (or measurements with instruments). If you can see someone being physically injured the reason for their disturbance is obvious. But when you’re being harmed by an environmental stress – which can’t usually be sensed or measured by instruments – people don’t understand why you feel unwell. And so doubt the validity of your experience.

Chronic depression almost invariably – and even when there’s a known initial trigger such as a shock or bereavement – results from exposure to something that cannot be detected by the ‘normal’ senses. This can include:

  • An environmental stress – a harmful energy received from the environment
  • A relationship stress – an energy received from one or more other people, now or in your past
  • An energy-weakening activity – e.g. a job, exercise, meditation, etc. that isn’t resonant with your energy
  • A sub-clinical, chronic infection
  • A hormonal imbalance
  • An allergen
  • An accumulated chemical or toxin

It can also be made worse by a lack of:

  • Natural light
  • Certain nutrients
  • Resonant exercise – exercises that increase energy flows to the frontal lobes of the brain
  • Social contact

So your life can be ‘perfect’ from an external point of view. But your energy may not be. And it’s your energy that determines the quality of your life.

The more your energy falls from wherever it’s needed in your body the more you’ll feel down.

Change Your Energy To Change Your Life

The good news is that most people’s energy can change – with a little effort on their part. The challenging news is that depression can weaken your motivation to change your energy effectively. This is why, in the Life Energy Solutions Clinic, we don’t just identify how you can seal your energy, (so you lose less and less), but also how you can cultivate (increase) your energy, so your ability to do whatever is needed to become free of depression – and to achieve a happy and fulfilling life – becomes stronger and stronger.

When you’re depressed, this sounds unlikely if not completely impossible. That thought is the depression ‘talking.’ But, in fact, students of energy awareness increasingly become able to transform a negative state  – fear, sorrow, anger, fatigue, anxiety, etc. – into a higher energy, more positive, creative way of being – sometimes in 5 minutes or less.

There’s no magic to it – it’s just a matter of becoming more aware of, and more able to manage, your own energy. The more consciously you can change it – just like you can decide how to move your arm or your leg – the stronger and brighter it becomes.

Even though depression can creep up on you – often without any noticeable cause – you still have the power to do something about it. By coming to know your own energy and  learning how to cultivate it – whether as a client, or student, of energy awareness – you will change your life.

“I don’t know what I’d be doing . . . if I didn’t have [your support].
I don’t feel depressed anymore – I feel really centred”  
India W., UK


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