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Eliminate Your Allergies – Part 1

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An allergy is a personal hypersensitivity to something that is not inherently bad for the human body. The medical profession assumes there is a fundamental difference between hypersensitivies that involve the immune system – a true “allergy” – and hypersensitivies affecting other areas of the body – “intolerances.” But the energetic mechanism of reaction – other than that specific to the afflicted area (e.g. your immune system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, etc.) – is the same in all cases. So we refer to all hypersensitivities as “allergies.”

Because of the conventional lack of understanding of allergies there is a common presumption that food allergies are relatively rare – e.g. “more than 3% of adults have one or more food allergies.” But this presumption reflects the common lack of awareness of food allergy rather than its actual low incidence.

Almost all adults have clear hypersensitivies to one or more foods or drinks. In fact, one of the reasons we have so much success treating people suffering from chronic symptoms or diseases is that we routinely identify allergens that have been missed by allergy tests of all sorts. Unfortunately, no medical test – e.g. skin prick, IgE, IgG, etc. – or other form of allergy test – e.g. kinesiology, dowsing, EGA, etc. – identifies more than a small percentage of a person’s significant allergens, so patients are usually left with a false sense of “knowing” which foods are or are not allergens for them.

Of course, identifying even one or two allergens can make a remarkable difference to the quality of your health. But, for full recovery, it’s often necessary to both identify all the major allergens and the means of sealing your energy body so that allergic reactions and the illnesses they underlie, gradually fade away.

Allergies are inherent to many of the most common health problems – heart disease, arthritis, depression, fatigue, etc.. Treating these problems without comprehensively identifying the underlying allergies is partial treatment at best. Ongoing allergic reactions can both block your body’s ability to recover from illness and your ability to respond to treatment that, otherwise, would be effective.

In Part 2 of Eliminate Your Allergies, we will look at the essential nature of an allergy, the development of which invariably starts in your energy body before any physical or psychological symptoms appear.

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