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Eliminate Your Allergies – Part 2

Topics: Allergies

Allergies can be of many different kinds – hypersensitivity to foods, medicines, airborne chemicals, jewelry, fabrics, metals, plastics, ornaments, furniture, animals, other people, sounds, spaces, objects, certain words, or colors  . . . and that’s just a few!

At least some of these categories sound like nonsense from the point of medical science, which assumes an allergy to be a reaction to a particular chemical. However, from the point of view of energy awareness, an allergy is a reaction to a particular energy – which may or may not be associated with a certain chemical.

All types of allergic reaction reflect the same energetic event, which is a contraction of an area of the energy body followed by a downward loss of life energy or qi (chi, ki). Any allergen that is held (assuming it includes  a physical component) inside the body’s energy field causes this type of energy recoil and loss.

When someone suffers from any kind of symptom or disease, physical or psychological, the area affected by the symptom or disease invariably reacts in this way to some allergens. If there is frequent exposure to an allergen, the continuing local reactions can partially or wholly prevent recovery – even when an otherwise effective treatment is employed.

If there is no overt symptom or disease associated with a hypersensitive area of the energy body, the reactions may remain unremarked – e.g. occasional low energy or feeling ‘down,’ a nose tickle or other itch, occasional sweating, muscle tension, poor sleep, and so on. Or they can manifest as personality traits – irritability, nervousness, short attention span, intolerance, etc..

When allergic reactions are frequent, the ongoing irritation may cause the underlying lesion in the energy body to grow to the point where a recognized problem manifests.

Problems associated with allergies aren’t only health-related. Allergies can directly affect relationships – because they damage the body’s partnership qi – creativity (creativity qi), wealth (wealth qi) and so on.

Until hypersensitivity is recognized as being a universally-present component of a very wide range of life challenges – including all forms of illness – millions of people will remain confused and perplexed as to why their experienced problems are occurring – and why the proposed solutions so often fail . . .

In Part 3 of Eliminate Your Allergies, we will look at what causes allergies to develop. Also, how they can be resolved and previously lost qi restored.

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