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Eliminate Your Allergies – Part 3

Allergies – or energy field hypersensitivities – invariably result from the presence of a foreign energy – an energy that isn’t your own – in your energy body.

For example, when you get a cold you immediately become allergic to some foods – often dairy products – and other substances that you may normally tolerate without any problem. The energy of the cold virus is a foreign energy that displaces some of your own energy in your nose and sinuses. So your nose and sinuses temporarily become hypersensitive.

Of course, a cold isn’t usually a big deal because the presence of the foreign energy is temporary. But let’s consider another example the officially ‘incurable’ illness, interstitial cystitis.

An Energy Solutions client suffered from interstitial cystitis for 15 years after being given a course of antibiotics for an unidentified infection. His symptoms included considerable bladder pain and pressure, sometimes during the day. And always at night.

All the usual medical tests and scans couldn’t identify the problem. And all sorts of treatments – drugs, surgery, homeopathic remedies, herbs, nutritional supplements, spa waters, acupuncture, electro-magnetic therapy, reiki, etc. were ineffective. A doctor made the diagnosis but was unable to offer any significant relief.

The client noticed reactions to tomatoes, aubergines, meat, cow’s milk, yeast, dairy products, tea, all spices, all fruit except bananas, onions, garlic, leeks, etc.. Also to sex, the color black, crystals of any kind, crossing his ankles, and even certain places. All of these allergens – including allergenic activities – dramatically increased the symptoms.

The foreign energy underlying the symptoms was in the lower left octant of the 2nd chakra, just above the left root – it may have been an energy that can be found in the original infection or in the antibiotic that was taken 15 years previously. However, no matter its origin, the foreign energy was sensitive to a homeopathic remedy – Calcarea Carbonica 30C.

After taking this remedy, all the symptoms ceased within 24 hours. The allergies faded out over three weeks as the foreign energy was eliminated from the 2nd chakra.

Bear in mind that the ‘interstitial cystitis’ wasn’t treated. Nor were the allergies.¬† The homeopathic remedy was used because it was effective¬† for expelling a foreign energy from the 2nd chakra. Someone else suffering from interstitial cystitis might need a different remedy or a completely different kind of response to expel the underlying foreign energy.

Allergies fade away if their underlying foreign energies are expelled from the energy body. Once they are being effectively expelled, lost qi or life energies can be restored with appropriate weaves – special movements – or postures for moving more qi to where it’s needed. One example of a weave is the Returning Life weave, which is taught in all Energy Awareness trainings (also available on DVD). Of course, people with sufficient available qi in the affected area don’t need to perform special exercises.

Foreign energies can be acquired from a wide variety of sources, including chemicals, foods, books, music, electrical equipment, certain people or places, energy-weakening work, exercises or meditation, and so on. It all depends on what you happen to be personally vulnerable to . . .

For example, a famous spirit place (‘power place’) in England – Glastonbury Tor – is climbed by thousands of people every year. A large number of these people develop health, relationship or other problems some time later, due to the energies they unwittingly pick up there.

This doesn’t mean it’s all bad – most things have a mixture of strengthening and weakening energies. But if you happen to be vulnerable to an acquired weakening energy, your energetic immune system won’t be able to fully expel it and you will eventually start experiencing the consequences of its presence in your energy body.

Prevention is better than cure – it can save years of suffering – which is why we are so focused on teaching Energy Awareness. Then you can identify the foods, people, places and activities that strengthen your energy. And avoid those that harm you.

You can also steadily cultivate your energy so, as you become stronger, you become less and less vulnerable to foreign energies and increasingly able to effectively help both yourself and those you care for.

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