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Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

Everything has to start somewhere, no matter whether it’s the first sandwich someone ever put together, the first igloo constructed by an Eskimo in the Arctic, Newton’s theory of gravity and its associated apple tree, or the beginnings of Buddhism when Siddhartha Gautama sat under a bodhi tree at the place now called Bodh Gaya, in India.

Even though this is obviously true, we rarely pay much attention to where we are when we have a new idea, a new perception, or even an illuminating experience. There is little conscious connection between our current location and whatever our minds happen to conceive of there. In fact, ideas are sometimes said to have appeared, ‘out of the blue’ – as if they came from the sky. Or, perhaps, from nowhere at all.

To everyday consciousness, new ideas or perceptions may appear to be generated purely by the brain, perhaps triggered by a thought process, certain words, or an experience. For example, August Kekule, one of the founders of the theory of chemical structure, said he discovered the ring shape of the benzene molecule after having a day-dream of a snake with its tail in its mouth. This vision, he said, came to him after years of studying the nature of carbon-carbon bonds. But I wonder if this famous day-dream would have happened if August Kekule had been in another house or room at the time . . .

I first became interested in creativity as a product of activities – e.g. day-dreaming – done in certain environments, after meditating for some years in locations commonly known as ‘spirit places’ or ‘power places.’ These places are so-called because of their unusual effects on sensitive people’s energies or perceptions. One of the effects I came to¬† experience as a result of this meditation, was the awakening of an awareness of flows of energy between the human body and its environment.

One instance of this awareness occurred while I was writing a book, called ‘Energy Contact,’ in Somerset, England in the early ’80’s . . .

Each morning, soon after sitting down to write at my desk, I would suddenly sneeze several times. After this had happened for a week or two, I noticed a flow of energy (‘mana’) rising up through my body from the Tibetan prayer mat under my feet. When it reached my nose, the energy accumulated there to the point where a condition called ‘overload’ occurred – like a fuse blowing, due to too high a current in the circuit – such that my nose became irritated and I sneezed.

I noticed that the ascending energy came from the pattern around the border of the mat. Just like a medical drug, the pattern had positive effects – it was helping my writing, for example – but it also had at least one side-effect.

On another occasion, as I entered my office, I had an original idea about an Energy Solutions client. So I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I have this idea yesterday or 30 minutes ago?” – especially seeing as none of the relevant data had changed in the interim.

I noticed that the idea was surfacing within my 6th chakra – an energy center at the forehead which controls the frontal lobes of the brain and the autonomic nervous system – in response to a flow of energy (‘qi’) from the large pot plant standing in a corner of my office . . .

So I stepped back out of the office, and noticed that the energy flow from the plant, ceased. It resumed when I re-entered the office. I then consciously employed the energy I was receiving from the plant, to complete the new idea, which eventually resulted in the client recovering from a condition that had troubled her for many years.

The point of these stories is that rugs, plants, furniture, wallpaper, jewelry, or other supposedly inert parts of your environment, can make a huge difference to your well-being or creativity. So much so, that environments can be created to help cultivate the forms of creativity anyone might need in order to solve the problems or challenges in their life.

A Spirit Place In Glastonbury

One of the spirit places that led to my growing awareness of human-environment energy flows, is in the crypt of the Lady Chapel of Glastonbury Abbey. To the eyes of a seer – when perceived through the 7th chakra – the altar has a shimmering blue light all through and around it. In fact, all spirit places have this kind of light in one or more colors.

When an effective form of meditation is practised at Glastonbury Abbey, the light becomes much bigger and brighter, flaring up from the center of the altar. When that same energy is viewed through the 6th chakra, it takes the form of a woman clothed in blue. This effect – the flaring of a spirit’s light – is the same in correctly-designed temples, churches, synagogues or mosques – as well as natural spirit places – according to the nature of the meditations or rituals being performed there.

In this image, a filament of blue light is connecting with the top of the head of the woman on the right. This is the process called ’empowerment’ because, to the degree she applies herself to effective practices in the future, the blue light will become stronger and stronger within her, bringing new fortunes and, eventually, awakening unusual awareness and abilities or ‘talents’ in her that will increase the quality of several areas of her life.

Empowerment – the reception of spirit energy through the crown – is the fundamental process upon which the awakening of higher awareness and other higher energy faculties, depends. And where you are – whether sitting under a tree in India or in a room in London, Auckland or New York – and when, makes a profound difference to the efficacy of your practice.

By contrast with the first empowerment occurring within the woman on the right, the energy field of the woman on the left is filled with blue light – like a bright blue egg – especially on her left side. The light of the spirit flows into her chakras since the empowerment process is well-developed within her energy body in ways that have already led to dramatic changes in her life and consciousness.

Two of the chakras being illuminated by this particular spirit light, are the 1st (perineal) chakra and the 5th (throat) chakra. To the degree the 1st chakra is receptive to a spirit’s energy, it is purified of karmic obstructions to higher energy forms of success – i.e. successes that strengthen your own spirit. This is in contrast to lower-energy successes that may generate considerable fame, fortune or other desired results (no matter how modest) – but at a high cost to one’s own spirit. Equally, spiritual energy purifies the 5th chakra of karmic obstructions to higher energy forms of communication.

Regardless of what external forms it may take, the process of human spiritual development has some universal characteristics, including that of the partial or progressive illumination of the energy body by one or more seals – patterns of spirit energy. For a seer, these characteristics instantly reveal the nature and degree of anyone’s development. And whether or not their practices – meditations, exercises, etc. – are helping or harming them.

Stepping Into The World Of Energy

The process of living with Spirit in your life – or living with intent – is literally one of being given more and more of a spirit’s (unlimited) energy or mana. The more your energy body is purified by mana, the more you are liberated from the disabling attachments – to relationships, possessions, image, status, etc. – which, otherwise, bind all of us so tightly to the everyday world and all its endless concerns.

However, bear in mind that your personal resonance with the energy of a spirit place is highly variable from one place to the next. Also, the times you attend a spirit place, and what you do there, make all the difference between empowerment, no change of energy, or even injury to your life and consciousness.

Unfortunately, many people – including many dedicated spiritual practitioners – generate new karmas or problems for themselves through the nature of their practice within the energy fields of natural or man-made spirit places. This is no different from a food which, in the case of peanut butter for example, can be very nutritious but, for some people, is harmful or even potentially lethal.

From having new ideas to extraordinary spiritual experiences, where you are and what you do there makes a world of difference to you and your life. This difference can be so profound that, given a sufficient quantity of right practices and real-life choices following an empowerment, the world you experience will eventually change¬† out of all recognition to the everyday world of ‘normal,’ everyday, consciousness.

This is why, with just the empowerments in the introductory Living With Energy Awareness Training, you will be able to tell where you need to be when. And then through the empowerments of the advanced Vision Feng Shui Training or the Rainbow of Happiness, your awareness of your living environment or the spirit places you need to attend for your personal and spiritual development, will fully awaken.

No matter where you are in the world, there are spirit places nearby. Sometimes, one or other of them calls to you. If you are fortunate enough to respond to one or more calls of the spirit – usually by suddenly having the idea (‘out of the blue’) of going somewhere like a park or for a walk – you may receive an empowerment. Then, if you fulfil some of the higher energy needs that consequently appear for you, your life will be profoundly changed in the fullness of time.

And if the felt need to attend the Spirit (enter into communion with the Spirit) eventually awakens within you as a conscious activity – which doesn’t necessarily exclude any other aspect of your everyday life – you will come to realize the illuminating freedoms that result from living a life of intent.

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