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Environmental Stress and Energy Awareness

Five months after moving house, Margaret Turrel, age 50, began experiencing some alarming symptoms. They included abdominal pains, inexplicable exhaustion, aching in the joints and anal bleeding. Margaret also became unable to be in the same room as a television because she started breaking out in a sweat . . .

Margaret then spent the next 23 years suffering these and other symptoms while seeing every kind of practitioner imaginable, all to no avail. The only way she could “manage” her symptoms was to avoid raw or green vegetables which, otherwise, caused her symptoms to dramatically worsen. When Margaret, always hoping for an effective solution, returned, yet again, to see her doctor, and told him about her “vegetable allergy,” he told her she was insane.

Margaret suspected there was something wrong with her home. She almost never went anywhere else but, when she did, she felt a lot better. Unfortunately, her husband wasn’t prepared to move.

During her 23 years of misery, Margaret asked dowsers and feng shui experts to check out her house to see if anything was wrong. They all concluded there was. And recommended various solutions and gadgets designed to relieve her of the various noxious energies they discovered.  Nothing worked.

We first “met” Margaret several years ago, as an Energy Solutions internet client. Shortly after starting her treatment she wrote,

” . . . 20 yrs is too long to live like a zombie. I’m so much better – I cannot believe it in this short space of time! I have no more asthma. I feel so well and my energy level is fantastic – just like when I was 20 years old! I don’t get anymore hot flushes. You are the best “doctor” I have had . . . “

Margaret’s problems resulted from her personal vulnerability to a high level of geopathic stress rising from the ground under the house, which then became concentrated due to the design of the building. Once the geopathic stress was eliminated and Margaret’s personal vulnerability to it reduced, her symptoms rapidly abated.

The point of the story is that the means of determining an effective response to Margaret’s problems was whole body energy awareness. This means observing someone’s energy as a complete, integrated, system. The reason this is necessary is that the more the human energy body is viewed in discrete “segments” – heart, immune system, liver, pancreas, etc. – the less one can see problems resulting from multiple causes. A partitioned analysis results in a partial diagnosis.

When viewed as a complete system, someone’s energy body can be seen to contract in multiple areas when exposed to, say, a certain environment, food, drug, exercise, item of jewelry, job or even another person, if exposure to any of these things is going to harm that person in one way or another.

Unfortunately for Margaret and countless numbers of other people suffering from chronic fatigue and other symptoms, most diagnostic methods are either very fragmented and/or they ignore the energy body altogether. This is why we have begun training a new generation of practitioners that is able to apply its skills with complete energy awareness of the human energy body and its environment.

This way of potentizing any form of medicine or therapy – including allopathic medicine, counselling, bodywork or any form of gentle medicine such as homeopathy or herbal medicine – empowers practitioners to achieve results that, otherwise, remain elusive.

The first stage of the forthcoming Healing Energy Awareness Training for healing with whole body energy awareness, is the Living With Energy Awareness Training. This training will soon be available to anyone with an internet connection.

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