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Opening the Ascending Heart – Transforming Everyday Life into a Way to Higher Awareness 2

Part 2 – Pitfalls of Energy Testing

For people with more energy insight who realise that knowledge, intuition and reasoning often aren’t enough – that they just aren’t going to solve some issues, at least, not without creating new, often worse, problems – energy testing is a logical next step. Having realised that amplifying a natural, albeit usually very weak faculty (energy awareness) that everyone is born with can make such an enormous positive difference to your life, it only makes sense to start using it . . .

But the trap energy testers commonly step into is that of never moving beyond energy testing techniques that reduce the experience of their energy awareness to a simple ‘Yes/No’ response with, possibly, some shades of grey in between. This is great for beginners, but there’s so much more to energy awareness.

Let’s look at how energy testing usually works . . .

Energy testing – the way it’s usually taught – depends on an area of the body’s energy called the ‘6th chakra,’ (at the centre of your forehead). A change in an energy awareness amplification device – such as a pendulum or a certain muscle test (kinesiology) – simply reflects the subtle energy changes automatically occurring in your 6th chakra, when you focus on a particular subject.

More precisely, successful energy testing depends on the changes in the energy just beneath the surface of the left side of your 6th chakra. Physically, this equates to the space between the centre of your forehead and your left temple. When you perform an energy test, the result reflects fluctuations of your energy in this area – which is already happening whether or not you amplify it.

But using a standard energy test – pendulum, dowsing rod, muscle energy test, body energy test, etc. – (and regardless of the accuracy of its results) has several consequences or ‘side-effects of which most people are unaware:

  • The energy of the left side of your 6th chakra contracts
  • The energy of other areas of your energy body contract according to your instrument and/or the technique you are using  energy testing for solutions
  • Some of your energy falls from your 6th chakra to lower parts of your energy body


These side-effects – which are inherent in all standard energy tests or dowsing – occur because of feedback between the 6th chakra and the testing device used. By way of example, let’s consider water . . .

Like the rest of us, the Romans were very fond of it – they built baths, aqueducts, sewers and pipes. Unfortunately, the pipes contained lead.  So the Romans enjoyed piped water (good) but unknowingly suffered from lead poisoning (bad).

The analogy isn’t perfect but it serves its purpose – standard energy tests damage your energy body.  Unfortunately, because our energy insight is usually weak, we don’t notice we are being poisoned. Instead, we tend to only notice the benefits (getting answers) of dowsing, muscle or electro-acupuncture tests.

Contracted (and descending) energy is the most basic sign of damage being caused to the human energy body. Energy contractions happen every time you make a harmful choice – e.g. eat the wrong food, choose a weakening relationship or move into an unfortunate house. In fact, in the average person’s day – including that of the average energy tester – this occurs hundreds of times . . .

In the mildest case, an energy contraction causes just a little, (albeit accumulating), stress in a chakra. In more serious cases, it’s like a bruise. Or even a break. Whenever we treat professional, (or ex-professional), dowsers or kinesiologists they are, without exception, suffering consequences of breaks in their 6th chakras and other areas of their energy body – breaks that cause them on-going physical, energenic (e.g. fatigue), psychological and/or life issues.

Hardly anyone talks about the damage caused by standard energy testing techniques – because almost no-one is aware of it, including teachers of energy testing. Standard energy testing techniques do amplify one form of energy insight or awareness. But, at the same time, they weaken others. Standard energy tests depend on ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul.’ So, because of their lack of awareness of their own life energies, few people realise quite how much they will pay, (or are already paying), for the ability to amplify their energy insight in these ways.

“I find your diagnostic work and understanding of how energies influence us very clear and precise – and wonderfully helpful!” Andrew J., UK, Kinesiologist

Side-Effects Of Energy Testing

Just to give you some idea of how people are affected by energy falling from their 6th chakra to lower chakras in their energy body, (no matter what is causing it), here are a very few of the possible symptoms:

  • When communication is blocked, you may find yourself unable to communicate – e.g. to talk about a troubling subject or, perhaps, experience ‘writer’s block’ – 6th chakra (forehead) energy has fallen to the 5th (throat)
  • When feeling miserable, depressed or de-motivated  – 6th chakra energy has fallen to the 4th (bottom of sternum)
  • When feeling frightened, anxious or exhausted – 6th chakra energy has fallen to the 3rd (navel)
  • When feeling guilty, angry, irritable or hypersensitive with others (e.g. being ‘thin-skinned’) – 6th chakra energy has fallen to the 2nd (genitalia)
  • When someone feels morally superior, cut-off, incompetent or useless – 6th chakra energy has fallen to the 1st chakra (base of spine)

Bear in mind that these are just a few of the psychological symptoms. There are many other psychological symptoms as well as those involving your physical health or other areas of your life entirely (work, family, relationships etc.). For example, if your work ki falls from your 6th chakra to your 3rd chakra it causes difficulties with colleagues and unrealistic beliefs about one’s personal value or contributions to an enterprise. As Jules Ormont observed [about a typical 6th to 3rd chakra contraction]:

“Make yourself indispensable, and you will move up. Act as though you are indispensable, and you will move out.”

To the degree its energy is contracted, a chakra generates its own forms of stress which affect your life in very concrete ways. The more you identify with any form of stress, the more it damages its native chakra.

For example, identification with anger damages the 2nd chakra, identification with fear or anxiety damages the 3rd chakra, and so on. Standard energy testing – which damages the left side of the 6th chakra – amplifies a psychological stress in the 6th chakra called [identification with] reality avoidance.

magical thinking leads to reality avoidance

 An example of this stress is where we tell ourselves stories about reality so we don’t have to deal with it. ‘Magical thinking’ is a well-known form of reality avoidance. One form of magical thinking that is all too common in energy testing circles is the belief that one can change an environmental stress by wishing it were so. . .

This attachment to reality avoidance afflicts the 6th chakra in such a way that it sabotages an energy test so the energy tester then ‘confirms’ the positive result with their test because they have ‘switched’ (reversal of the correct flows of one’s energy) their own 6th chakra. Consequently, for example, an environmental stress they were detecting with an energy test can appear to have disappeared. Here’s an example taken from the American Dowsing Society’s website:

“I communicated with the [WiFi] devices in the school to ask whether they were able to direct the energy they emitted away from staff and students when the energy was not needed, such as when students’ laptops were not in use. After receiving an affirmative response, I then asked whether the devices were able to minimize the detrimental field effects they emitted when their energy was called upon, while at the same time maintaining an acceptable level of functionality. I again received an affirmative response.”

The affirmative responses this hopeful person describes are ‘yes’ responses from her pendulum when she asked herself these questions. This is like noticing that a room light is on when you’re trying to go to sleep then, instead of getting out of bed and turning the light off, you close your eyes (so the light is less clear), and ask the light to no longer be on. Then you say to yourself, ‘now the light is off.’ To non-dowsers, this may sound absurd but it’s one of many such errors in the fuzzy world of energy testing.

But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Energy testing is practised by millions of people worldwide, helping to solve all kinds of problems, including life-threatening illnesses, in ways that aren’t obvious to a mind that depends solely on experts, scientific tests, reasoning or existing knowledge.

However, just because you may be able to use an energy test to get an answer to a problem that, otherwise, appears insoluble, this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for using a better tool or developing a better technique.

“Thank God for my illness, otherwise I would never have met you . . . already after four days I can feel a definite improvement . . . your ‘seeing’ of the cause of my Chronic Fatigue corresponds with my own experience (6th chakra damage) – something no other psychics and (very gifted) healers have picked up . . . Some 8 or 9 years ago I had a very visceral experience of . . . this beam of energy coming out of my solar plexus creating my future. Nowhere have I ever encountered any information on this until you explained about the weaver – one more mystery solved!” G.L, Iceland


See Part 3 of the Opening the Ascending Heart Series  – Moving On From Energy Testing by transforming your energy insight into real energy awareness.

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