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Millions of people have some  awareness of their being affected by environmental stresses of one kind or another – heat behind their ear from a mobile phone, disorientation from fluorescent lights in supermarkets or nausea or prickling sensations from a Wifi field are three common examples of this. Other symptoms are not feeling “right” when in a certain place or in the company of a certain person.

Consequently, not a week goes by when we don’t see clients who have one or other of the many “energy protection” devices on the market.

The Q-Link is one of the most popular of such devices – and is certainly the one with the slickest marketing – but how much energy protection does it really provide?

According to its advertising, Q-Link does nothing but good. The manufacturer says it:

* Strengthens your resilience to the effects of stress
* Increases your energy and stamina
* Reduces the symptoms of fatigue
* Reduces the effects of EMF radiation
* Enhances mental performance and alertness

When viewed from the average reader’s position, these claims – which are par for the course for most energy protection devices – are very impressive. But when viewed from the position of someone who regularly sees clients who are either using Q-Links (initially) or are ex-Q-Link users, the claims made for the product seem less convincing.

Typical complaints heard from Q-Link users include “feeling hyper,” headaches, insomnia, dizziness, anxiety, disorientation, palpitations, hypertension, sweating, digestive problems and chest pressure.

The energetic reason for this is well-known to us: the Q-Link works by forcing energy up from the left side of a chakra at the base of the sternum – often called the “4th chakra” – to the left side of the chakra at the center of the forehead – often called the “6th chakra.”

Amongst other functions, the 4th chakra controls pancreas, stomach, duodenum, gall bladder, lower respiratory, breast and heart energy. The 6th chakra influences the energy of the autonomic nervous system, the frontal lobes of the brain, the endocrine glands and sensory systems.

The Q-Link stimulates the 6th chakra while weakening the 4th chakra. For people whose 6th chakras are under-functioning, this can make them feel good – just as a coffee can pick you up when you’re feeling tired. However, neither constantly stimulating a chakra nor weakening a chakra is a good idea in the long-term. And if your 6th chakra isn’t particularly weak to start off with you won’t feel much of anything at all from the Q-link. At first.

The problem with techniques that “rob Peter to pay Paul” – and the Q-Link is only one of many in this respect – is that there is always a price to pay sooner or later. But if, after the initial buzz, the “price” (eg. insomnia) starts occurring much later, most Q-Link users can no longer make the connection between their new symptoms and something that made them feel better, say, a few months or even a couple of years earlier. This kind of stress (on the 6th chakra) takes time to build up so its symptomatic consequences take time to emerge.

The Q-Link is one of dozens of energy protection products that we evaluated for our clients before, finally, developing the Energy Egg for Energize Your Life Ltd.. It would have been much easier for us to jump onto that particular bandwagon. However, with the sole exception of the left side of the 6th chakra, we could find no discernable protection provided by the Q-Link from any form of EMR (electromagnetic radiation). For example, the right side of the 6th chakra, the 7th chakra, the 4th and 2nd chakras were all weakened in exactly the same ways by mobile phones regardless of whether or not a Q-Link was present. We frequently demonstrate this at trainings and exhibitions.

When some people with under-functioning 6th chakras wear a Q-Link they will experience less stress and more physical and psychological energy, at first. But the price that is paid in the long term is too high for us to recommend this product. Better to find other ways to strengthen your 6th chakra, thus increasing energy and reducing EMR vulnerability, without this kind of artificial stimulation which eventually leads to more – not less – hypersensitivity to environmental stresses.

Incidentally, without getting into the “science” that the manufacturers of the Q-Link publish to support their claims, I note they never make any mention of the Q-Link’s side-effects. Unless we are the only practitioners to ever see clients suffering from the above symptoms – and we know we’re not – it’s only reasonable to presume there are many thousands of other Q-Link owners experiencing the same kinds of problems.

We always look directly at the energies of subjects examined in the Energy Doctor, but if you can do an accurate energy test, we invite you to test the Q-Link against (i) a point approximately 1 inch to the left of the hollow where the ribs meet – that’s where the heart and digestive symptoms come from – and a point about 1 inch down and to the left from the center of the forehead – that’s where hyperstimulation, insomnia, anxiety, disorientation, anxiety, sweating or disorientation come from. If you don’t experience any of these kinds of symptoms, your resistance is strong. Long may it continue.

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