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Recover Your Health With Body Energy Awareness

‘Common Knowledge’ or Body Energy Awareness?

There are always plenty of myths around, at any given time, about what is or isn’t meant to be good for us (supposedly). For example, many doctors used to advise their patients to smoke cigarettes, avoid eggs, substitute margarine for butter, and to cover themselves with oil-based, ‘skin-protection’ creams before, well, frying themselves for hours in the sun. I imagine some doctors still subscribe to the latter two beliefs. Experts often have difficulty changing their opinions on the basis of new research results.

Anyway, speaking of frying, a friend recently offered us some ‘healthy’ chips (potato crisps), which had been deep-fried in olive oil. Leaving aside the effects of deep-frying anything, we couldn’t help noticing how unusually tasteless they were. Why? Because, being ‘healthy,’ they had no added salt. And, as we all ‘know,’ reducing our salt intake is good for our hearts, isn’t it?body energy awareness shows you what is right for you

Unfortunately, this is yet another modern medical myth. Even though some people need to watch their salt, we’ve had to advise thousands of our Life Energy Solutions clients, over the last 30 years, to increase the salt in their diet. The reason for this frequent advice is our direct observation of the weakened life energy, or qi, in multiple areas of people’s bodies – not only the heart, but also the adrenals, brain, spine and joints, to name just a few – when they don’t get enough salt.

This observation was validated, several years ago, by a friend of ours, a cardiologist, who said “insufficient dietary salt is now a problem affecting the health of millions of people.”

People Who Include More Salt In Their Diet Suffer From Less Heart Disease

Now, this year, medical researchers have established that people who include more salt in their diet suffer from less heart disease.

People who ate lots of salt were not more likely to get high blood pressure and were less likely to die of heart disease than those with a low salt intake, a new European study found. The findings “certainly do not support the current recommendation to lower salt intake in the general population,” Dr. Jan Staessen, University of Leuven, Belgium (Reuters)

In the meantime, due to the ‘common knowledge’ that’s it’s best to avoid salt, countless numbers of people will have developed or worsened their heart disease, through excessively restricting their salt intake, as well as being chronically tired or low in energy. Ironically, if they’d been taught how to develop their body energy awareness in school, they would have known better . . .

Health Science + Body Energy Awareness = Better Health

Science, when applied without bias, is a fantastically effective tool for understanding much of ourselves and of the world around us. Body energy awareness is the other, more precisely focused, side of the ‘scientific’ coin. With sufficient body energy awareness, you can apply knowledge of any kind, from anywhere, with precision, to your or others’ individual needs.

In other words, just because science (or any other source of information) says something is ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ it isn’t necessarily true for you. And it may not be true for lots of people. So how do you work out what is right for you?  The more body energy aware you become, the more you can easily see which scientific ‘truths’ work for you. And which don’t. For example, people who don’t get enough salt in their diet, typically have contracted energy at their hearts, navels and foreheads. This is easy to determine by any of several means. So, instead of taking experts opinions on faith, you can determine, for yourself, whether or not you need more salt . . . or anything else.

Your body energy awareness gives you a profound, and sometimes essential, edge . . . if you develop it. Take our neighbor, who suddenly started suffering from anxiety attacks,  ‘out of the blue.’  When she asked us to take a look at what was happening, we instantly saw that a pain medication, she’d recently been prescribed for an injury, was causing this side-effect – it damaged the energy at her forehead.  Changing the pain meds stopped her anxiety within 48 hours.

Without being able to perceive how ordinary things – like salt or drugs – are affecting you, you’re at the mercy of common knowledge – e.g. ‘salt should be avoided’ – experts’ opinions, and your own or others’ intuitions, tests or beliefs. But none of these ways of arriving at decisions can tell you how the whole of you is responding to anything in any area of your life.

To put this into perspective, another cardiologist, studying injuries or deaths from over-exercising, was recently quoted as saying:

“Unfortunately, it remains impossible, at the moment, to predict just what the threshold [of exercise] is for any given person, and which athletes might be most vulnerable to heart problems as a result of excessive exercise” Dr. Paul Volders, University of Maastricht, Netherlands.

Well, anyone who’s developed their body energy awareness a little, can not only tell what their exercise threshold is, but also which kinds of exercise they should be doing. Much of what is impossible for science is just a part of everyday reality for body energy awareness practitioners. Science is often helpful; but science with awareness is much better.

Awaken Your Body Energy Awareness

We are profoundly influenced by our activities, environments and choices. Unfortunately, most of us have very little awareness of how much the quality of our thoughts, feelings, well-being and life in general, is being influenced by activities, choices and environmental factors we could easily change – such as the amount of salt in our diet – if only we were aware of how they are affecting us.

So what about salt? Dr. David Brownstein, an expert on the effects of salt and iodine on human health, says:

“I was routinely taught in medical school that salt was bad . . . I routinely told my patients to avoid salt . . . What was the result of eliminating salt from their diet? Did their blood pressure lower? Were they healthier? Unfortunately, the answer was, “No.”

Dr. Brownstein goes on to recommend unrefined (i.e. grey) salt rather than the de-natured, white, table salt that’s found in most kitchens and usually has aluminium in it. However, with sufficient body energy awareness, you don’t have to wait for leading-edge scientific research, or more enlightened doctors’ views to finally filter down to the media or to your doctor. You can see, in your own right, right now, what really works for you.

Change Your Life For The Better With Body Energy Awareness

The more you can perceive the energies influencing you and your life, the more you can create a higher energy future for yourself and for your loved ones. In fact, by living with body energy awareness as part of your personal skill set, the nature of your life can change from a frequent sense of struggle to a sense of discovery and adventure instead.

The Living with Energy Awareness Training – the next one is in Brighton, UK on July 23rd and 24th – is the beginning of an extraordinary awakening of each participant’s dormant body energy awareness. This native, though in most people undeveloped, awareness – which can be more revealing than any test, instrument or blind faith in science – may be critical, now or later, for your continued well-being or health recovery. Cultivating your body energy awareness will illuminate your life in unforeseeable, sometimes life-changing, ways.

“I’m finding so many instances, over the last few days, where I’ve been lead to do things my conscious mind wouldn’t have done of its own accord – with such wondrous results!  Every time it happens, I thank spirit (and both of you!).” Moira S, UK

“Thank you . . . for everything on the Living with Energy Awareness Training. It was truly enlightening and I’m applying everything I’ve learnt at every given opportunity. I . . . felt such a nice resonance in the room throughout the two days and it really focused the awareness within all of my senses. There’s no turning back now!” Neil M, UK

Come to Brighton, in July, to awaken your own body energy awareness – it’s the first step in a profoundly empowering journey of a lifetime.

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