Dr Fujimoto We just received the old ‘Edward Fujimoto’ email again – it’s been around a few times that one! –  about the dangers for your health of plastic coming into contact with water and foods, particularly fats, when heated (sunlight, microwave, oven etc). It’s widely panned as myth and an ‘e-rumor’. And much of the email is silly, but Dr Fujimoto, now Director Of Medical Affairs at Green Panel Corporation Austin, Texas, has confirmed that his comments as reported in the email (from a TV interview in 2002 he gave in 2002) are fairly accurate.

Specifically his concern is whether a combination of ingredients, especially plastics and food fats, could result in food being contaminated by dioxins when heated in a microwave. He goes on to say that the amount of migration of dioxins to fat will be a function of the heat in the microwave, the type of plastic, the length of time of exposure, and the amount of fat that is in contact.  Dr. Fujimoto also pointed out that the amounts of dioxins in any given piece of plastic, or food that is microwaved in plastic, is very small, but that the problem is that dioxins get into the human body and accumulate.

Dr Rolf Halden, Professor of Environmental Health Services at Johns Hopkins thinks there are no dioxins in plastic but comments: “There is another group of chemicals added to plastics to make them flexible and less brittle that could disrupt endocrine functions in humans and animals and that heating up the plastics could increase their being released into water and food.” When cooking with plastics, Halden said that whenever you heat something it increases the likelihood that chemicals could leach out.  He recommends using inert heat-resistant glass, stainless steel or ceramics for cooking.

Yet another topic, a long-running one this one –  where the ‘experts’ disagree, though more and more information is coming out about dangerous plastics. Just google Nalgene water bottles, BPA in baby’s bottles for the first two that spring to mind.  And we can add it to the statins, coffee, low carb vv low fat diets, flouride, MMR vaccines, wifi, cell phones, PCB’s in farmed salmon, how to filter your water . .  controversies, to name but a few of the many current ‘debates.’

And so, what or who do you believe/trust? What do you do – only buy bottled water in glass bottles, don’t microwave with plastic wrap or containers, never eat farmed salmon, avoid wifi and cell phones etc?  How do you make the right decision for you amidst all the information overload and conflicting data and opinions?

Well . . . we threw out our microwave years ago, and our quartz watches for that matter, avoid plastic wrap touching our food, use glass storage containers and only buy bottled water in glass bottles – most water in plastic bottles tastes pretty awful, after you’ve drunk a few bottles of glass-bottled water – or if we really have to, in a ‘safe’ plastic one (numbers 2, 4, 5,  – look on the bottom of your bottle – number 7 includes the ‘dreaded’ BPA plastic) that our awareness says yes to.

And that’s the bottom line for us. More important than the science (which we also read) is our energy awareness.  A faculty we all have, but which is ignored and not well-developed in most people. Simply noting our body’s energetic response to those things shows us that, for us at least, they’re not for us.

It’s very simple to observe your energetic response to anything or anyone. It’s direct and it’s ‘true for you’. No point in taking or eating something good for 60% of people, if you’re one of the 40% it’s not good for . . . logical when you stop to think about it. But we’ve all become mesmerised by statistics that often don’t mean very much. And it’s often easier to let someone else do the thinking for us.

To awaken your own energy awareness, start with a pendulum (a simple amplifier of energetic changes already happening in your body as soon as it encounters something – or someone) to become aware of what your body already knows. We suggest a Perfect Pendulum.


We created them for our clients when we couldn’t find one on the market that didn’t distort either the response or the energy field of the person using it.  They:

  • prevent your body from picking up energy from anything you test which is actually bad for you
  • help you develop your own energy awareness, so you soon won’t need to use a pendulum, or muscle testing, or any other energy testing device at all
  • increase the accuracy of your energy testing

So it’s up to you – get confused by the science, fazed by duff emails, follow your preferred ‘guru,’ live in ‘ignorant bliss’ and just do any old thing, or start deciding for yourself by both becoming informed and becoming aware of what your own body and energy is constantly trying to tell you. It’s an endless and endlessly fascinating journey.

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