Many people use, or have heard of, ‘mudras.’ In the West they may vaguely be described as, ‘symbolic or ritualistic gestures affecting energy (prana) flows in the body, or for clearing chakras.’ But do we really know what they do or how they work? In fact, do they do anything at all or are they just some mystical, magical whimsy from the East? Well, it all depends . . . on whether the mudra’s got its mana. Not sure what that means? Read on . . .

Back in the early 80’s, I was demonstrating some new subtle energy products – predecessors of the Energy Egg – at an exhibition in London when a kinesiologist said to me, “I saw you demonstrating some amazing techniques at a Mind, Body, Spirit Exhibition recently. But when I tried them with my students and clients, I couldn’t make them work.”

The techniques I’d been using included the use of mudras – special positions with the hands and fingers, like this one on the right.

When people see mudras being used – or read about them in books – they’re usually led to believe they can just form the mudra and it’ll do whatever it’s meant to do … Unfortunately, (or, perhaps, fortunately), reality isn’t that simple …

A mudra works on the human energy body the same way an ‘F’ key on your computer keyboard works. Look at your keyboard and you’ll see all those F Keys – 1 through 12 running along the top. Each one affects the program or application you’re running, like Word or Photoshop, in a different way. Same with mudras. They’re the energy body’s F keys for running certain energy ‘programs’ that some people have in their energy bodies. This means:

  • If you are running the same ‘program’ as someone else, and you both use the same F-key – or mudra – it has the same effect.
  • If you are running a different program from someone else, and you both use the same F-key – or mudra – it will have a different effect
  • If one of you isn’t running any program that uses that F-key – or mudra – it won’t do anything at all for that person

A ‘program,’ in the human energy body – commonly known as an ‘abisheka’ or an ’empowerment’ – can be received in certain circumstances – e.g. being at a certain place at a certain time and performing a certain practice there. If you then develop and apply the energy received through the empowerment, it changes what you can perceive or do.

“…Very powerful … and practical – Turning the World, going to a spirit place, and the Karmatora are all practices I feel incredibly grateful to have received and learned.” Sheila L, UK

Your Need For Empowerment

Unfortunately, just to confuse everyone, ’empowerment’ is a term often used by popular writers even when no empowerment has occurred. For example, I recently read how a writer was ’empowered’ by changing her hair colour. Even though feeling better about yourself is great, that’s not the same as an empowerment. A real empowerment – also known as a ‘descent of a spirit’ – only occurs when a spiral-shaped energy – we call it mana – descends into your crown chakra. This is the sina qua non of any effective spiritual practice; which is to say that any effective technique – meditations, movements, mantras and so on – depends on prior empowerment. In the absence of empowerment, they may be more or less-relaxing rituals but they lack the energy needed for bringing about profound change.

“… Step-by-step, I’ve been following my heart … Which led to recently being a lead in a Shakespeare play … I was thinking yesterday – on my way to an audition – that I’m stepping out of my comfort zone so much I’m nearly always (at least every day) feeling that sense of nervousness that accompanies stepping into the unknown, stepping into that place that is manageably uncomfortable, but uncomfortable enough to challenge … Then I was asked by a TV company to be a psychologist on their show … The show is all about people facing fears, neuro-plasticity in the brain, etc… Synchronicity or what?” IW, UK

An empowerment gives you new abilities, new opportunities and/or new forms of awareness that liberate you from obstructions in one or other areas of your life, the more its mana is cultivated. This might sound like ‘magic,’ but it’s really just one of the natural abilities of the human energy body. With practice, you can deliberately receive a certain form of mana then cultivate its energy – like developing a muscle – to achieve positive, sometimes life-changing, results.

In the Shendo (‘Energy Awareness’) trainings, which are empowerment programs, each participant is carefully observed to ensure that the empowerments delivered through the training are fully received by them. Otherwise, as the kinesiologist mentioned above discovered, mudras or other techniques taught in the training won’t work – as there’s little or no mana in that person’s energy body to make them work. Unfortunately this (spiritual techniques without their motive energy, mana) happens all the time through books, workshops, spiritual or religious trainings or organisations and meditation classes of many kinds.

It’s no different from giving someone a car but forgetting to mention that it needs petrol. It may be a great-looking car – all the bells and whistles – but without petrol it’s not going to get you very far. Of course, this isn’t a popular message – no-one wants to believe the techniques they teach or practise aren’t doing much. But the hard truth is that any spiritual development practice only works to the extent its motive energy, it’s mana, is present. Otherwise, even after years of practice – and we work with many individuals who have spent decades immersed in various spiritual traditions – only the most superficial benefits result even as the mind becomes increasingly inflexible, brittle and set in its ways.

Face Your Heart Direction For A Higher-Energy Life

We appreciate that not everyone can attend a Shendo training. So we created a number of devices that automatically cause minor empowerments to occur. For example, the Omega Pendulum automatically activates the ‘Heart Direction’ empowerment. This empowerment enables you to accurately tune your awareness to a certain compass direction which, when you face that way, increases an energy in your heart chakra with all sorts of positive, potentially life-changing, consequences.

By regularly facing your heart direction and using your Omega pendulum in the ways described, you will strengthen the energy within you that enables you to recognise and fulfill your real needs. Think about all those times when even though you needed to do [. . . fill in the blank], you just ‘didn’t have the energy’ to do it. Also, those times when you thought you needed to do one thing – marry this person, move to that town, accept this or that job – but you really needed to do something else instead.

A real need is an action that causes some of your life energy to ascend up to your crown – generating more awareness and an expanded, more open life. ‘Not needs’ or weakening choices, no matter how ‘right’ they might feel at the time, cause your energy to descend and your life to contract or become more obstructed in one or other areas.

No matter how much we may rationalise them to ourselves or others, our energy-descending choices lead us in unfortunate directions. Or, at least, directions that generate misfortunes we wouldn’t, otherwise, have had to manage. For example, you may see . . .

  • that attractive person across the room – but what you don’t see (without sufficient energy awareness) is how their energy weakens a point on your sternum, called the ‘thymus chakra,’ that directly determines your happiness. So a relationship with them would damage your ability to be happy. This is happening, for millions of people, right now … but below most people’s normal perceptual radar.
  • or, that appealing picture at the art exhibition – but what you don’t see is how its energy weakens an energy point at your navel that controls your wealth or abundance ki. So when you buy it and proudly hang it on your wall you start losing the energy you depend on for the success of your business.
  • alternatively, maybe a place you are considering moving to doesn’t particularly appeal to you – but what you don’t see is how the energy of that place opens your heart chakra in a way that would lead to an encounter with someone who will change your life in extraordinary ways . . .

For a lot of people, these may sound like absurd assertions. As a species, our mind is very dominant and is strongly attached to avoiding or dismissing the unknown – including the infinity of knowledge unknown to current science. It takes much less effort to automatically reject the possibility of becoming more aware than to invest your energy in cultivating your higher awareness. But for those who wish to expand their perceptual horizons and awaken their personal powers, activating mudras through receiving empowerments is a powerful way forward.

“…work’s taken off, in directions and ways I could never have imagined … all the changes and growth and magical ways in which life/spirit has manifested. I know that the ‘magic’ I experience and that people see me ‘attract’, is all down to … the Way of Life … on a flight on my way home from Athens, I felt the need to jot down some ideas about a new book I could write … Then I went back to work and forgot about it. Two weeks later I got an email ‘out of the blue’ … from a publisher asking if I’d consider writing a book for them – on the exact topic I’d written out two weeks earlier!” NF, UK

Entering The World Of Energy . . .

Ironically, even though we spend our entire life in the world of energy – and even though it affects every area of our life – we remain almost completely unaware of it. Why do we tend to live our lives in the dark? Because our senses are tuned to the physical world – so that’s the world that seems most important, most real, to us.

Fortunately, you can deliberately cultivate your ability to recognise and fulfill your real (i.e. energy-ascending) needs – that’s all your needs at every level, including the physical level. Facing your heart direction is one of many ways that help you achieve this extra-ordinary clarity. But first, in order to recognize your heart direction, you’ll need to use a mudra that works for this: ‘Gift mudra’

Using this mudra with an Omega pendulum will tune your awareness to one of the 8 compass directions that is your heart direction. Remember, it’s like an F-key that now works in your energy body because of the mana you receive from the Omega pendulum. So we can say the Omega pendulum ‘activates’ Gift mudra, so now when you form the mudra (see the photo here) you can discern your heart direction.

There are lots of other things Gift mudra can help you do too. But being able to recognise your heart direction is an ability that automatically appears when you first use the Omega pendulum. Using Gift mudra to tune your awareness to something you couldn’t see before is one of your first steps into the world of energy.

. . . One Step At A Time

Using activated mudras opens your awareness to the world of energy so you can see clearly how your life is being, or will be, affected by your choices. The more you open your awareness by living with intent – which means, ‘acting on the basis of your heightened awareness and fulfilling your real or energy-ascending needs’ – the more empowerments you will receive for other mudras and abilities that increasingly benefit your life and enable you to be of service to others too.

Even though we all live in the world of subtle energy – the natural environment of our energy body – without developing your awareness of that world, you won’t be able to see a mudra’s effect. You simply have no way of telling what it’s doing. Or even if it’s ‘working’ at all. By choosing to develop your energy awareness, you are making the choice to become free of the innumerable constraints imposed by ‘normal’ consciousness.

Most mudras – and their corresponding effects – can’t be activated simply by using a Perfect pendulum or Omega pendulum. They require specific exercises, meditations or other specialised practices applied over periods of time to become fully active.

A ‘mudra’ is, at its simplest, a position – the position of your energy relative to that of something or someone else. Cultivating your awareness of the relationships between your energies and other energies opens an immensity of fortunate opportunities and abilities. This is the growing realisation enjoyed by active participants in the shendo way of life.

As you receive empowerments then open your awareness by using mudras and other life-changing practices, your eyes (and other senses) open to a whole new world – a world that has always been within you and around you just waiting to be seen.

“Gratitude in my heart … words feel too small to express it. When I look back at my life 6 months ago it feels galaxies away – thanks to your guidance, light you are shining and amazing tools you are sharing. Thank you for opening the path for my Heart” LW, Poland

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