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The Wifi cafe and the Energy Egg

We stopped by a cute cafe today to have lunch, only to discover it was awash with laptops – and thus with wifi signals. Hmmh, time to see how the Energy Egg was doing in its wifi protection task. Well, I’m pleased to report, it was doing good – in fact very good!

We observed that it was keeping the wifi stress about two inches away from the body. Remember the energy body, as opposed to the energy field, is co-located with the physical body, so anything getting to the energy body is going to have a material impact on the physical health of someone. An environmental stress in the energy field is much less hazardous, and, relatively speaking, much easier to eliminate.

So, two inches away from the energy body was good news. I might feel a little sweaty or fuzzy-headed in the moment, but no permanent damage was being done. Actually I didn’t even feel that, so my energy egg has obviously strengthened my own environmental stress ‘immunity.’ On with the research.

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