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Time To Die . . . or Live

The Energy of Death, Time to Die

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An email landed in our inbox recently about a web page featuring photos of people who took ‘selfies’ immediately before they died. Since death is a subject that tends to involve all of us now and then, I thought I’d have a look at each of the soon-to-be deceased’s death energy to see what they had in common – what made it their ‘time to die.’

Since I first became aware of it, death [energy] has always looked the same to me as it does to other seers – a black line of energy starting at the apex of the energy field and moving straight down towards the crown chakra (at the top of each person’s head). When [the energy of] death reaches someone’s crown, it starts to penetrate the 7th chakra – a process that may take several months before physical death then ensues.

However, since reviewing these photos, I’ve come to see this process in a slightly different light. For each accident victim, I noticed that the death signal is not just that descending flow of energy. When it reaches the 7th chakra, it actually extends all the way across from left to right, like a narrow band or slice stretching across the centre of the head.

More interestingly, I noticed the descending ‘death signal’ was, in every case, preceded by a ‘trigger signal’ rising up from each person’s heart chakra to their crown. One could say, from this sequence, that they (their heart chakra) ‘called’ their death to them.

Fascinated now, I then looked at other people who died from disease or ‘old age’ soon after their photo was taken. In each one, the ‘descent of death’ was also preceded by the ‘trigger signal’ rising up from their heart chakra and arriving at their crown chakra. By comparison, people who aren’t about to die, (as far as we know), also all have a rising death trigger but it’s not yet near their crown.

In all our trainings, we’ve always put a lot of attention on the heart chakra because the energy there is so fundamental to someone’s ability to transform their karmas – the challenging experiences (‘good’ or ‘bad’) that unfold in their lives.

Karmas are suffered (if they are misfortunes) or, with sufficient energy of the necessary kind, transformed into higher awareness. In short, the less energy in someone’s heart chakra, the more their problems and life challenges become fixed in place – e.g .a chronic illness – regardless of their efforts to change  – and the ‘lower energy’ their future becomes. Fortunately, we can all cultivate our heart chakra energy.

Now, having looked at the ‘death trigger’ in more detail, it’s becoming apparent that not only can you, as our slogan puts it, ‘change your energy to change your life,’ you can also, most probably, change your energy to change (or perhaps postpone) your death, or avert an untimely one.

 Who Cares?

A friend of ours – a retired doctor – recently said, over dinner, that many people are ill because they aren’t interested in their health (we were discussing the average person’s sugar consumption at the time). This might sound harsh but it reflects our experience that most people suffer ongoing problems because they aren’t interested in, or even aware of, their life energy: the ways in which they are destroying it or could cultivate it; and the effects this has on their life, health, happiness, relationships and all forms of well-being.

Someone may want a better relationship, more abundance, more fulfilling work, increased creativity, or better health . . . but when it comes to actually changing their energy to achieve these results, they usually don’t want to know, or don’t believe it’s possible. So they live in the midst of this perpetual dichotomy between what they want (or think they want) and what they actually do . . .

Of course, many people believe they do all sorts of things to achieve positive changes in their lives. But most of their ‘doings’ reflect their faith in external sources of information. So, rather than being willing to awaken their own ability to perceive what they need to do – such as being aware enough not to get on the plane that’s about to crash (one of the causes of death on the above web-page) – they prefer to follow other people’s advice – like booking a (pre-crash) flight to go on a great holiday . . .

Information from external sources is, of course, often very helpful. But if you lack the awareness to assess how valid it is for your personal needs, you are, essentially, living in the dark (whilst hoping for the best). Obviously, you’ll get it ‘right’ sometimes. But most of the time, our choices, in the absence of awareness of how they will affect us, lead to further karmas. Our mind just doesn’t have access to our energy. Your doctor, for example, may have all sorts of convincing arguments for you taking a certain drug.1 But your energy – if only you were aware of it – might show you something completely different . . .

 It Isn’t About Not Dying – It’s About Living!

But the question isn’t, ‘how do I postpone my death?’ It’s really,  ‘how do I increase the quality of my life? The sine qua non of ‘quality of life’ is your energy. Money, possessions, relationships, how many likes on Facebook . . . even your health – none of it compares with the state of your energy. The quality of your life isn’t good if you habitually wake-up feeling tired; or your body has energy but your mind’s in a fog; or you can function okay but you just feel down. Physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy. Not to mention spiritual energy . . .

You can be broke. Living in a tent. And it’s raining. Breakfast is not guaranteed . . . but if your energy is strong and focused at every level, your quality of life exceeds that of someone winning the rat-race and living the eponymous ‘American dream.’

What you are getting out of your life, right now, totally depends on, and reflects, what’s going on in your energy body. This is why we invest most of our time in teaching energy awareness – because there’s nothing more important than your awareness of your energy insofar as your ability to change yourself or your life for the better is concerned.

Nothing ‘out there’ can make a comparable difference. For example, we recently showed a client how her habit of eating apricot kernels every day, (to prevent cancer), was also causing inflammation in her hip – which would eventually lead to the hip operation her doctor was recommending. Then we showed her other ways she could improve her resistance to various diseases without causing an inflammatory reaction due to a personal intolerance.

But if she’d developed her own awareness, she would have seen, in her own right, why she had been suffering disabling hip pain for so long. And she would also have seen all kinds of other ways she could have improved her quality of life. And, incidentally, reduced the ‘death trigger’ signal rising from her heart chakra . . .

Your energy is your most precious asset – which you can invest in or chuck away. It’s up to you. Either way, your awareness of your energy is your most precious faculty. Energy awareness isn’t rocket science. But it still manages to achieve results for people for whom no form of science (without awareness) has been able to help. Which is why being able to see how you can change your energy for the better really is the key to a better life.

How aware are you of the state of your energy? Probably more than you know. The challenge is to still your mind enough to access that awareness. Discover how you can create a higher energy future for yourself by doing this for the rest of your life at the Living With Energy Awareness Training.

I’d just like to say thank you for such a transformational experience – I go to many trainings/seminars/workshops but never come away feeling I’ve got something profound for me, for my life and for the benefit of those around me by the knock-on effects of living one’s life with intent.  The gifts you imparted were not only empowering they were given with such integrity and generosity of spirit that they are too valuable and precious to ever think of discarding”
Elise S, UK

1 ‘ . . . there has been a 600 percent increase (since Thorazine was introduced in the U.S. in the mid-1950s) in the total and permanent disabilities of millions of psychiatric drug-takers.’ Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill, Robert Whitaker

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