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Why Most Energy Protection Products Don’t Work

Contrary to the government and industry-funded scientific smokescreens about how many technologies, such as mobile phones and wi-fi, are harmless,  millions of people have some awareness that they are being affected by certain devices.

Of course, everyone is being affected but many people are just less aware of their own body’s energies. And everyone, regardless of their level of awareness, is being affected far more than they realize . . .

Background electromagnetic radiation is now thousands of times higher than it was one hundred years ago. Industry-sponsored scientists argue that it does no harm if it doesn’t heat human cells. Other scientists regularly demonstrate otherwise. For example, cell damage has been shown to occur through exposure to a pulsed microwave signal that is 10,000 times weaker than the level of wi-fi radiation that is now permitted in the UK.

Environmental stress is as real a threat as infections, cold, damp, poisons or vehicles moving at speed down a road. And, in one sense, it’s more of a threat since it is more subtle – so less visible – and largely unknown – so usually unrecognized even while it’s causing often serious harm.

Statistical evidence now suggests that half the world’s population will be electro-sensitive by 2017. So it’s hardly surprising that devices designed to protect people from the side-effects of mobile phones, computers, Wifi, high tension power lines, etc. collectively form a growth industry.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of energy protection devices on the market today don’t work very well. Or, at least, the ways they “work” are not what their promotional materials suggest or their designers intended.

This is because most such devices have been designed through scientific knowledge or dowsing (including kinesiology). The fundamental liability of these methods is that they provide only a very partial or fuzzy view of the subject being protected – human energy.

In fact, science doesn’t really recognise human energy at all so scientific tests necessarily focus on isolated fractions of the physical body – red blood cell tests being a popular one. Then, if the result of such a test is good, the product is hailed as being good for protecting your energy.

Dowsing, muscle testing and science all focus on isolated areas of the physical or energy body, whilst being unable to take into account whatever else is going on – or isn’t going on – elsewhere in your body. The same caveat applies to most energy protection devices.

Results with these devices are usually obtained by:

  • Hyper-stimulating a chakra so there is a temporary boost of well-being before the same problems return, or new problems start appearing. A prominent EMF researcher recently stated that use of many popular energy protection devices is causing people to report symptom relapse and greater hyper-sensitivity to EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) 18 months after starting using them. Hyper-stimulating the 6th chakra – a technique used by the Q-Link and the Bioelectric Shield for example – has this effect.
  • Making a device that only protects the user from one or two environmental stresses even as others are causing increasing damage
  • Creating a device that absorbs an environmental stress until it ceases to function – we found one device that worked well for some forms of EMR until it encountered the stress field emitted by an Apple Mac, which finished it off . . .
  • A device that only protects a small area of the body’s energy field – e.g. by protecting a part of the frontal lobes of the brain from mobile phone radiation, but not the heart or genito-urinary system, which are also powerfully impacted by mobile phone radiation
  • Devices that emit, as side-effects, their own environmental stresses or foreign energies. These start to accumulate in the user’s body, leading to new symptoms or problems that occur far enough in the future to rarely be associated with the device itself
  • Devices that steal energy from one area of the body in order to stimulate another area – a method employed by the world’s most popular “energy protection” device, the Q-Link, which stimulates the 6th chakra whilst weakening the 4th chakra – the chakra that controls the heart. Many of our clients have reported palpitations, hypertension, chest pains, the “shakes,” insomnia, etc. from using the Q-Link.

The Q-Link is one of an increasing number of energy protection devices being promoted with the claim to be “scientifically proven.” Meanwhile, any or all of the above liabilities can apply to any “scientifically-proven” device . . .

Science has also been used to market “foods” made from hydrogenated oils, medical drugs of all sorts, pesticides, herbicides, plastics and teflon pans, all of which have later been shown to have dangerous or potentially lethal effects that were previously unremarked or simply ignored.

Science is the hand-maiden of industry. If a profit can be made, science is used to sell the product. The fact that it misses much of what is going on is par for the course. Caveat emptor – buyer beware – applies more than ever in this brave new world of technological marvels.

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