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A Solution to Wifi Woes

We’re experimenting with a DLAN wireless home network, which is looking good. If you’re aware of what damage the pulsed microwave frequencies of wifi, portable (cell) and DECT phones etc. can do to the human body and its chakras, you might be limiting your phone use, or avoiding a wireless connection and using a LAN cable instead right now. It’s what we’ve been recommending for our Energy Solutions clients up until a few days ago.  Then my awareness was drawn to the DLAN solution.

I’d read about D-LANs for some time but never quite understood how they worked or where you got one. Well, necessity being the mother of invention, and ‘co-incidence’ the voice of the spirit, I was browsing in the local Orange store for a possible way to get an internet connection into a bedroom for a guest without draping a 30m cable down the stairs, through the hallway etc etc. when my eyes lit upon a DLAN plug! Bingo!

I was about to get it when the assistant assured me the other one on the shelf  made by Orange was better and cheaper – of course! 🙂 In fact it was, when I finally worked out what it was all about (it had a transmission rate of 85 mbits and had a pair of the special plugs in it with two short LAN cables. The other one had only one plug per box, so you’d have to buy two and the mbits was much slower . . just so you know what you’re looking for 🙂 )!  It’s called a Live Plug and fits a LiveBox or any router – we’re even using it on a non-ADSL router and it works.

Plugged it all in – connect one plug into a slot on your Live Box or router with the supplied short LAN cable, then plug that plug into the wall, the other plug is plugged into a socket in another room (limit 200 metres) and its short LAN cable goes into your PC there. I took a laptop downstairs, doubting very much that it would work, plugged in the LAN cable and – hey presto – it worked!! It connected straight away to Google and was fast!

So a new solution to the unacceptable side-effects that come with all the convenience of ‘normal’ wireless may be a DLAN system. With it, the kids can all have their computers where they want (though preferably not in their bedroom!) without a spaghetti junction of LAN cables all over the house and without exposure to the noxious wifi signal of the normal wireless router. The Orange Live Plugs cost 69 euros here for the twin pack, so not deathly expensive – compared with all the alternatives.

We haven’t had time to assess in detail what, if any, stress it’s putting out, but at first blush it’s looking good. Will let you know how it goes. Please do let us know if you try one in the UK (I think they’re called Home Plug in the UK) or other countries, what they’re called, your experience with it etc. etc.

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2 Responses to “A Solution to Wifi Woes”
  • Gary Miller says:

    Hi Lynda!

    You sound as excited as I did when I discovered this same sort of technology early last year. I use the Linksys PLTK300 PowerLine Network Kit at both my house and my parents too. You can get it from here in the states. Currently $119.45. Your set from Orange maybe less expensive and work just as well as this. The real test would be if I could get the two computers networked to share files, but I keep striking out on that.

    Again I enjoy so much all the posts you make in your blog and learn so much. I especially liked the one about how a guest’s dog almost spoiled your dinner, it was just so funny how you shared the experience!


  • admin says:

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the details of US brand DLan plugs. For our British readers, I’ve just discovered a really fast (200Mbps) solution, available on Amazon ( ) for just £68.06 the pair. Save your family’s health and get perfect home networking for all without the toxic effects of wifi! Link to the internet anywhere in the house by plugging in a DLAN plug.

    I wonder why this isn’t more widely publicised? It’s a great solution . . .

    Guest’s dog has been rehabilitated!


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