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A Traditional Energy Device

When our friends, Didier and Christine, recently came to Sunday lunch with us, I noticed that Christine was wearing an interesting pendant she’d bought while on vacation in Morocco. So I grabbed a camera and Christine kindly consented to be our first-ever energy product model.

Moroccan Pendant2

The pendant is emitting flows of health qi from the circular space above the triangle (see photos) to the right side of Christine’s 6th and 7th chakras.

The qi flowing to Christine’s 6th chakra is strengthening the health of her digestive and respiratory systems. The qi flowing to her 7th chakra is strengthening the health of her entire brain and central nervous system.

If the pendant was one of the many modern energy protection products available on the Web, we would classify it as providing “medium to strong” protection from certain forms of environmental stress including two types of entity, many forms of geopathic stress and several health-damaging stresses received through relationships.

Ironically, this makes it more effective than the vast majority of modern devices that claim to protect you from these or similar forms of stress. Also, unlike so many modern devices, it doesn’t emit any stresses itself. Moroccan Pendant3

The pendant’s qi-generating energy (aka. mana) is held in the circle by virtue of the shape of the pendant and the engravings on it. The original design would have resulted from an individual – perhaps a shaman of some kind – with two talents or personal powers.

The first enabled him or her to perceive, in one or other ways, the energies from which he was trying to protect people. The second empowered him to contain manas in a symbolic object – a namen – which then emanated the qi needed to protect the health of its wearer.

The Energy Egg includes the same manas – and many more besides – contained in Christine’s pendant. But it’s always interesting to see the effects and effectiveness of  traditional amulets created within different cultures around the world.

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7 Responses to “A Traditional Energy Device”
  • Robert asis says:

    Is the pattern on this really important? I was shopping for one and found one as close as possible to the one pictured only slightly differing pattern. I gave this to my mother as the benefits you describe are suited to her physical condition it seems. Well anyway its a nice way to give gifts that may have some side benefits. I find where some people may not be open to energy products per se they are open to attractive jewellery and having four sisters too it would be nice to know of any other such jewellery if you come across in future! Of course its of no comercial interest for you unless you get a franchise out on such things. Thankyou, Robert

  • admin says:

    Hi Robert, I’ve been told that each Tuareg village has a different pattern. But how they compare, energetically-speaking, I can’t say without seeing the other amulet being worn.

  • Robert asis says:

    Thankyou, I will get a photo of my mum wearing the one I gave her and send you it would that be ok?

  • admin says:

    Sure – that’s fine

  • admin says:

    Robert, your mum’s pendant has the same effect – it’s the charge held by the shape, rather than the engravings, that counts.

  • Robert asis says:

    Thankyou Stephen for checking that out, its good to know and will pass on the info about it. There are a lot of types of tuareg crosses and this was the closest I could find without any structural differences.

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