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Energy Egg Effect – Part 3

The Energy Egg And ‘Television Stress’

Millions of  us watch television, but how many of us are aware of how much, or in what ways, our energy, physical and psychological, is being affected by our viewing habit? Usually, we only notice something when our reaction is extreme. But when our reactions are below the threshold of our awareness, we remain blissfully ignorant even as the damage to our energy increases over the years.

We’ve received a huge amount of feedback, over the years, about people’s experiences of using the Energy Egg. These two comments, from 2004, are about its use for symptoms triggered by watching television:

White Jade Energy Egg - energy protection device

“I’ve been wanting to give you feedback on the Energy Egg I carry around with me. It’s great! A couple of weeks ago, I showered but then forgot to put it back on me – I was sitting watching TV, when I became aware that I was exhausted – then I realized I was without my Energy Egg. I couldn’t get my head right until the next morning; it was horrible. So, needless to say, I am . . . appreciating it daily.” Linda H, UK

“Tuesday evening, I sat and watched television for about an hour: the first time for weeks – no problem, no sweating, nothing; it was great. Wednesday evening, I forgot about the Energy Egg; after about 1o minutes I had to go out of the room – the sweat was pouring off me. So from now on I’ll carry the Energy Egg in my pocket.” Margaret T, Wales

The kind of energetic damage from electronic equipment that causes extreme sweating, disorientation, fatigue or dizziness, is called a “6th chakra fracture” – because it’s a tiny break or tear in the surface of that energy organ, at the center of your forehead. The 6th chakra controls the frontal lobes of the brain and the autonomic nervous system. 6th chakra damage can also manifest as insomnia, depression, anxiety, headaches, skin problems, relationship problems, allergies or sudden changes of mood.

To anyone with a scientific background, this may sound like gobbledygook. Science doesn’t (yet) have instruments that can measure chakras or the human energy field, so the idea that they control physical systems, or even exist, is commonly deemed nonsensical. But, in reality, an inability to measure a phenomenon doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist – it may just mean you can’t measure it  – and this simple observation is why we have had so much success with the Energy Egg.

Eliminate Your Environmental Stress

Environmental stresses – harmful environmental energies – are constantly entering our energy field. But usually, rather than causing damage, they are rapidly grounded out – not unlike the grounding out of lightning via a lightning pole on a building. The body has its own energetic ‘immune system.’  It works  by automatically emitting signals (specific energies) from your 7th chakra – located in the same space as the top half of your head – in response to incoming stresses. These signals bind with the environmental stress and carry it out of your energy body.

However, no process is 100 percent efficient, so some environmental stresses aren’t fully eliminated, particularly some of the more noxious modern-day stresses such as pulsed microwave fields (e.g. Wifi). These stresses then remain stuck in your energy field where they displace some of your own life energy, which thus becomes unavailable to you and your life. The more your energy field lacks the qi [energy] it needs to function effectively, the more you experience problems, of one kind or another, in your health, work, relationships, security, creativity, learning ability, or other affected areas of your life.

Conversely, when your 7th chakra has additional sources of qi available, it can

  • Seal your energy body against further damage
  • Help your energy body and energy field repair itself
  • Become stronger through simple energy development and cultivation practices
  • Cause you to become more aware of ways you can cultivate or increase your health, wealth, partnership qi, etc. in your own right

The primary reason increasing numbers of people suffer from chronic health (and life) issues is the lack of energy available to their 7th chakra. This problem will only grow as the onslaught of new sources of environmental stress, such as Wifi, Smart Meters, mobile phone masts, DECT phones, etc. (that directly target the 6th and 7th chakras and thus the entire nervous system) increases. Unfortunately, the march of science has profoundly outstripped man’s awareness of the consequences of his actions.

By providing your 7th chakra with a reservoir of qi that is automatically available on demand, the Energy Egg may make a crucial difference to your ability to manage the environmental stresses to which you’re being exposed from one day to the next. This simple, all natural, health companion works together with your own energetic immune system to continuously eliminate electro-magnetic pollution from your energy body and energy field, without side-effects.

Expanding Your Energy Field With The Energy Egg

In the mid-’80s, we realized that rather than continuing the vast and complex project of trying to analyze and define all the various kinds of environmental stress that influence human life or well-being, we needed to change direction. So, instead of continuing to catalog environmental stress, we started focusing directly on the human energy body itself, how exactly it is affected by environmental stress and how best to remove that stress.

This change of orientation meant that once we had identified the damage being done to a client’s energy body by an environmental stress, we could arrive at an effective solution without laboriously analyzing the stress itself. Science will eventually have means of examining chakras and quantifying many currently ‘invisible’ stresses. In the meantime, we can help many people who haven’t been helped by methods that depend on current scientific knowledge.

One example of this approach was described in “Gas Pipe Blues;” another in “A Dog’s Tale,” and, again, in “A Pain In The Neck.” Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of people recover from chronic symptoms or diseases as a direct consequence of using this approach, including eliminating ‘Television stress.’

The Three Laws of Health Recovery

Our understanding of the human energy body is considerably greater than it was back in the ’80s, but three laws of health recovery have remained consistent over almost 3 decades:

  • Every chronic symptom or disease – or, in fact, any manifesting problem of any kind – is preceded by a change in your energy, often starting years earlier
  • Every change of energy that eventually manifests as a problem includes a local contraction of your energy field
  • Any effective intervention necessarily reverses that problem’s underlying energy contraction

We have successfully applied these laws to numerous challenges being experienced by many kinds of people (and animals). We have used one kind of energetic device or another since the 80’s to eliminate environmental stress from the human energy body. The Energy Egg is the latest development in this research. The rest of this article focuses on how the Energy Egg is designed to respond to contractions of the energy field.

Energy Eggs are Energetically Charged Devices

The Energy Egg process starts with an instrument called a Light Resonator.

image of Energy Egg Charger

Light Resonator

The light resonator – an instrument that generates concentrated forms of qi found in natural light – is an energetic charging device designed to input resonances into all of the Energy Eggs made by Energize Your Life. Its forerunner was used by practitioners in the ’80s to manufacture homeopathic remedies – and is still being used by at least one homeopathic medicine manufacturing company. When  its development program outstripped our ability to train and update practitioners to operate it adequately, we took it off the market.

Since then the Light Resonator has continued to evolve as a “lab bench” instrument (see photo). In 2002, it primary use became that of an Energy Egg charging instrument. Unless an Energy Egg has been charged by the Light Resonator, it’s just a stone egg. The signal the egg emits after it has been charged, is what makes it an Energy Egg.

The reason the Energy Egg is an ovoid with equal dimensions at both ends (as opposed to a ‘chicken egg’) is that it’s modeled on the shape of the human energy field, which is an ovoid extending up above your head and down beneath your feet. This shape is necessary to fully transmit  the Energy Egg signal to wherever it’s needed by your energy field.

Energy Egg Developments

The Energy Egg continues to evolve in several directions. These  include:

  • In addition to the original Guardian (white) Energy Egg:
    • The Chronic Shock Egg – for eliminating accumulated relationship stress
    • The Loving Relationship (red aventurine) and Wealth (green aventurine) Energy Eggs – for eliminating stresses that block partnership and wealth qi, respectively
    • The Security/Respect Energy Egg – for eliminating stresses that compromise your security or the way other people treat or regard you
  • The soon-to-be Energy Egg Mesh – for enhanced protection from the stresses generated by exposure to pulsed microwaves (WiFi, mobile phones, phone masts, etc.), sick or difficult people, and weakening earth, sky or building energies
  • Means of using the Guardian Angel, Wealth Angel and Loving Relationships Angel – i.e. large Area Energy Eggs – to cultivate your higher awareness and receptivity to their respective forms of qi – health, wealth and partnership – in your life. Like traditional shivalinga, the Energy Angels can be used as a potent means of focusing your awareness on the areas of your energy body and life where empowerment – the reception of life-transforming energy – has become both necessary and possible.

Our exposure to environmental stress is only going to get worse as industries proliferate their environmentally toxic innovations (Smart Meters being one just coming over the horizon) and increasingly influence government policy for liberal distribution of these dangerous devices.

Consequently, everyone needs increasingly efficient ways of protecting themselves and their energy from their environment. We are committed to, and shall continue to, develop the most effective, natural and side-effect free means (such as Energy Eggs) of enhancing the energy body’s own, innate, stress-elimination processes. This way, you can avoid the all too common side-effects so often associated with ‘energy protection’ devices that stimulate the energy body with their own emissions of stressful energies. And safeguard your health from environmental stress as much as you possibly can.

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