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Opening the Ascending Heart – Transforming Everyday Life into a Way to Higher Awareness 1

Part 1     The Search For Solutions Using Energy Testing

Everyone’s life sometimes goes ‘wrong’ – we all have times when we suffer in some way and just can’t figure out what to do about it. So what do we do when we can’t seem to fix a problem or move through a sense of feeling blocked in some area of our life?

what do you do when you can't find a solution

Some people give up and just ‘live with it;’ some try to convince themselves it’s not really a problem, (‘it’s just the way I am,’ or ‘the way life is’); and others keep on looking for new solutions. But as the years go by it can get harder to find solutions that work as well as they did when we were younger. So more and more people find themselves in the ‘denial’ or ‘living with it’ camps on more and more issues, feeling stuck in situations or with problems that never seem to get much better.

For those in the ‘keep looking for solutions’ camp, they maybe seek more experts, see new practitioners, search the Web, try new vitamins, exercises, feng shui, internet dating and all the other options (depending on what the issue happens to be) . . . with more or less success.

Millions of people are told by their doctor, when he isn’t able to help them, “it’s your age.” And, it’s true, any mechanism or organism becomes weaker over time; our vitality runs down, our ability to maintain our physical or psychological health is increasingly compromised. So for someone who, say, has developed arthritis, their joint stiffness does indeed reflect, in part, their growing lack of an internal energy that used to keep them well.

If that aging person buys into the doctor’s belief, she finds herself ‘living with’ yet another issue in her life, possibly trying to manage it with painkillers when it gets too bad. So her arthritis persists and, more often than not, gets worse as time goes on.

The vast majority of people not only accept the pronouncements of authority figures of one kind or another but even agree with them. As a result, most people ‘live with’ the consequences of their acquired beliefs, trapped by the limited and limiting knowledge or opinions of others, without knowing there are always other options.

But not all people are the same. Rather than presuming they or anyone else knows all there is to be known about their problem, some people start looking for other solutions. And, often, their problem is eventually halted or even fades away. In other words, in spite of people’s increasing age, it turns out they don’t always have to ‘live with’ the problem, whatever it happens to be, after all. Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of clients for whom this is true.

But although many people manage to resolve all sorts of problems by extending their knowledge beyond the limiting beliefs of experts, or commonly accepted current thinking, some issues still persist. Perhaps life just isn’t that much fun anymore. Or maybe it never was. Or perhaps there’s always some stress about money; or relationships; or a growing existential angst. Could be the meditation isn’t working out so well. Or maybe that arthritis just keeps grinding away in spite of all the homeopathy, herbs and acupuncture.

So, simply knowing more doesn’t always do the job – not least because of our gradual loss of vitality over time. But usually, the search for more or better knowledge is as far as most people tend to go. What else, after all, can a rational person do? Well, good question. What makes one person more successful in finding solutions that work, than someone else (with all the same resources and intelligence) who ends up, after all their efforts, just ‘living with it’ since none of their efforts have met with much success?

The Awakening Of Energy Insight

Some ‘resource investigators’ – people who have the energy to search for new solutions – often have a quality that separates more successful problem solvers from the less successful. This is a quality we might call their ‘energy insight.’ Simply put, this is their awareness of the relationships or connections between their experiences and their internal energies.

Someone’s energy insight can make a critical difference to their success because it provides them with a way, above and beyond their intuition, feelings or reasoning, of perceiving the effects of a potential intervention before they commit to it. And that is only the very first stage. The more aware you become of your energy and its responses, the more options you experience, the more solutions you find – the opposite, in fact, to the normal aging process.

“. . . my life has changed in incredible ways over the years that I have been on the Energy Awareness path – it’s actually quite hard to remember the old ‘me’, and what life was like back then . . .” V.D, UK

The idea that one might be able to sense the effects of possible actions in advance marks a crossroads for an individual and can lead them on to the idea that perhaps their energy insight can thus guide them to new, unimagined, solutions!

And so they might look for ways to more clearly sense the effects of things on their energy. And, to their great excitement, they then discover energy testing – a family of techniques energy testing for solutionsincluding dowsing, muscle testing, skin resistance instruments, or a whole host of ‘body energy tests’ – which they can use to amplify their awakening energy insight.

With the help of an energy test, they can suddenly clearly discern a different response in their energy to one potential solution rather than another. This is, of course, truly eye-opening – the power to ‘see’ that one choice is actually better for you than another. Your energy knows an awful lot that the mind doesn’t. So when they work in partnership, it’s a winning solution.

So much for giving up because it’s ‘your age,’ or because you’ve run out of knowledge, or emptied out your bank account through blindly chasing ideas you never really know are going to work –  other than through experience, which is sometimes painful, expensive or dispiriting! It’s a brave new world that the novice ‘energy tester’ steps into – one that can yield all sorts of quality-of-life-improving results.

However, even though it really is liberating to have a clearer perception of how your own energy is affected by this or that, the techniques and tools people usually use to arrive at this clearer perception are, in one critical respect, a trap.

The world of energy testing is not as simple as it seems . . .

Read on in Part 2 of the ‘Opening the Ascending Heart SeriesThe Pitfalls of Energy Testing

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