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Solving A Case of RSI With The Energy Egg

We recently heard from an Energy Egg owner, Bill, about how he sorted out his RSI. Bill had been suffering, for several months, from a crippling pain in his right shoulder. It would begin shortly after he started working on his computer each morning. Bill had had an Energy Egg for more than four years so, in theory, RSI “shouldn’t” be happening from computer-related activity . . .

Bill attributed the pain to a rotator cuff injury he’d suffered to his right shoulder while playing raquetball almost 5 months earlier. He assumed the computer-related RSI was secondary to this. And that the RSI would naturally fade away as his shoulder recovered. In the meantime, Bill went through the usual process of adjusting his chair height relative to his desk, having his arm in different positions, taking pain killers, and even considering getting a special mouse for counteracting RSI . . .

But then, one morning, Bill noticed that the soreness in his shoulder began almost as soon as he touched his mouse – he hadn’t even started working! But when he rested his hand on his keyboard, placed in the same position, the pain faded away. When he rested his hand on his assistant’s mouse – which was a different model – in exactly the same position, the pain returned. When the mice weren’t plugged into his computer, the pain didn’t happen.

Bill remembered that when he first got his Energy Egg, he’d re-tuned it to every electrical device in his home and office. This process makes the Energy Egg adjust its signal precisely to match its owner’s personal energy vulnerabilities (if any) with respect to the exact forms of stress emitted by each device. This way, someone who reacts, say, to an Apple computer but not to a Toshiba can prevent an accumulation of stress when working on their Mac.

Bill decided to re-tune his Energy Egg to his mouse. He reasoned that even though he’d done this several years earlier – and it was still the same mouse – maybe his shoulder injury, which obviously changed his energy in that part of his body, had stopped the Energy Egg signal working effectively for his shoulder . . .

Once he’d re-tuned his Energy Egg, Bill got on with his work – and spent the whole day, for the first time in months, without any RSI. Having had its signal adjusted to the energetic condition of his shoulder, Bill’s Energy Egg was once again able to protect him effectively from the kind of environmental stress that’s emitted by all optical mice.

The great thing about this story is the combination of Bill’s energy awareness with his deductive reasoning – each faculty enhances the other. We so often see interventions – not just for health problems – failing because they are unbalanced either in the direction of “reason” or of “intuition.” Being willing and able to use both faculties together is a powerful means of problem-solving – one that is often the only way to achieve a desired result.

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