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The Energy Egg Effect – Part 1

As we are often asked how the Energy Egg works, we’ve written a number of articles on this subject over the last five years. However, one difficulty with describing the Energy Egg effect is that of avoiding a lot of technical jargon – such as names of different forms of qi, areas of the energy body, environmental stress terms, and so on – which can get confusing when delivered in one big chunk.

Therefore, I’m going to write about the Energy Egg in a short series of blogs covering some of its inner workings and functionality. This introduction focuses on how all people are affected by a wide range of environmental energies.

A Stressful Computer Monitor

A few birthdays ago, I was the lucky recipient of a new LCD computer monitor. So I connected it to my computer and fired it up. A few minutes later, I switched it off and put it back in its box. Why? Because the screen emitted a form of environmental stress that attacks an area or ‘address’ of an energy organ commonly called the ‘6th chakra.’ The address is one of four 6th chakra addresses that control the health of the eyes.

If I hadn’t been aware of this particular kind of stress I would, over time, have started experiencing one or more of these symptoms: eye strain, fatigue, a sense of ‘needles’ in the eyes, headaches, or a progressive weakening of my eyesight – symptoms experienced by thousands of people as they sit in front of their computer monitors every day . . .

When people think about computer monitors in terms of their health, they often assume that the old-fashioned CRT (big box) monitors are relatively ‘bad’ because they emit radiaton. And that the newer flat screen monitors are ‘good’ because they don’t. But in the world of energy awareness, it’s not so simple. Some flat screen monitors’ energy emissions are relatively benign whereas others can be very harmful.

Interestingly, this kind of distinction is frequently clear between brands. Some brands are usually okay whereas others are almost always problematic. For example, the old Sony Trinitron CRT televisions always emitted a powerful environmental stress . . .

Environmental Energy Awareness

Of course, computer monitors and televisions aren’t the only sources of environmental stress. And environmental stress doesn’t only damage peoples’ health. Every area of your life is being influenced by environmental energies, for better or for worse, 24/7. During 27 years of clinical practice, I’ve seen a huge number of cases of people’s relationships, happiness, work, success, wealth, security, creativity and much more besides, being harmed by environmental stresses – see Hidden Secrets of Real Health.

The fundamental problem in this respect, is that most of us are largely unaware of the energies affecting us. So we suffer our health challenges, relationship difficulties, lack of wealth or other issues, usually without having any clear idea why we’re experiencing these problems.

Naturally, there’s often more to it than just the environment. For example, everyone has a different degree of vulnerability to different kinds of environmental stress. So one person may feel that ‘something isn’t right’ in a certain environment, whereas others will feel fine there.

But the most critical variable is that of time. People who don’t feel affected by environmental stresses aren’t immune to them – they just don’t feel them. Likewise, we don’t tend to sense when we pick up a virus – but we may still get a cold, or worse, some time later.

People who are sensitive to environmental stresses are experiencing them more in real time. Others, who don’t sense them, end up with heart attacks, cancer, divorces, loss of work or wealth, etc. but have little or no awareness of how their misfortune came about. Experts may have opinions about genetics, diet, psychological stress or other such well-known factors, but none of these factors exert such a largeĀ  influence on your well-being as that of the environmental energies to which you are frequently exposed.

Eight years ago, one of our neighbours decided to install an ultra-sonic rodent deterrent in her home. After showing her how this device was weakening her heart, we suggested she might wish to reconsider. She decided to go ahead anyway. Two years ago, she was fitted with a pacemaker. This Christmas, she collapsed and was rushed into hospital because her blood became dangerously thin due to the drug she was told to take due to having a pacemaker. She is now reconsidering her options . . .

From the perspective of environmental energy awareness, it’s all a question of where you are and what you have there. The energies of your location, your home and/or office, what you have in it, and where everything is placed – they all make a difference to your quality of life.

Damage from EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)

But no matter how good your feng shui may happen to be, there are always environmental stresses affecting you and your family in many different ways. This is why we developed the Energy Egg and Energy Angels – only after researching dozens of ‘energy protection’ products on the market – for both ourselves and our clients.

We aren’t interested in ‘energy paranoia’ – always worrying about how something might be affecting us – but that doesn’t mean we have to stick our heads in the sand through adopting a policy of ‘ignorance is bliss.’ Everyone’s life is profoundly affected by environmental energies. But very few people have any idea how much better their life would be if they took more responsibility for the environmental stresses harming them . . .

One example: we are always struck by the degree of [environmental] stress affecting the staff of any electronics or computer store. The 6th chakra controls the functioning of the frontal lobes of the brain, the autonomic nervous system and the sensory organs. Everyone working in that high-EMR (electromagnetic radiation) environment is being massively stressed in the 6th chakra and, to a lesser extent, in the chakras that control their circulatory and genito-urinary systems.

6th chakra stress often manifests as anxiety, depression, sweating or feeling cold, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, sensory system disorders (e.g. eczema), negative thoughts or feelings, relationship problems and much more besides.

In other words, everyone working in an environment containing a lot of electrical goods, is being profoundly damaged – often in ways that won’t manifest in their livesĀ for many years to come. But once their accumulated stress – or stress burden – has reached a critical point, they will ‘suddenly’ experience a new problem – little realizing that it really began years earlier when they started working in a high-environmental stress environment . . .

In the next Energy Egg Effect article, we’ll look at another common source of environmental stress. and discuss how the Energy Egg is charged to help you reduce your stress burden in many different ways.

In the meantime, if you have a general question about environmental energies, you may like to join the free Energy Awareness Forum

Or, if you need to make a personal choice – like buying a house, car, appliance, etc. – but don’t want it to lead to new problems, check out Decision Decisions – an easy way to tell what’s really best for you. You won’t regret it.

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