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The Energy Egg Effect – Part 2

Many of our clients are practitioners – doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, counselors, chiropractors, body workers, healers, etc. – who can feel how their energy is being affected by some of their clients. Reported symptoms include physical and/or psychological fatigue, brain fog, headaches, depression, allergic reactions – rashes, nausea, energy drain, itching, aching, etc. – and much more besides.

Even though we often encounter people who’ve been led to believe they can protect themselves from other people’s energies through psychological techniques – especially visualizations of various kinds – we have never seen this work very well in practice. Such methods are invariably flawed because:

  • they only protect small areas of the energy body
  • only protect against one or two types of stress emitted by people
  • they are usually very temporary – a few minutes at best – in effect

More often than not, psychological protection methods only serve to mask the continuing energetic damage being caused through repeated exposure to clients in a therapeutic relationship.

There are, of course, some practitioners who are naturally well-defended against stresses emitted by their clients. But these are the minority. Most practitioners either directly feel how they are being affected or, in the majority of cases, are unaware of being affected  by their clients but, nevertheless, end up experiencing illnesses, symptoms or relationship challenges resulting from accumulating stresses from their clients.

Are You Vulnerable To Others’ Energies?

couple_fighting_scl Even though practitioners can be particularly sensitive to clients’ energies, many people from all walks of life sometimes experience the impact of other peoples’ energies on their sense of well-being. Unfortunately for them, we live in a ‘scientific’ age where the scientific paradigm doesn’t account for human energy – except in terms of electrical impulses through nerves – so there is no common language for, or understanding of, how people affect each other’s energies.

Nevertheless, most of us know what someone means when she – women tend to be more energy sensitive than men – says, “As soon as we started talking I could feel my energy draining out of my body or contracting in my middle / a pressure around my head / a pain in my back or neck / myself getting anxious”  . . .  or, “he was doing my head in. ” Energetic phenomena are extremely common, but our education doesn’t give us a means of making sense of them. We know something is happening but we can’t explain it other than by presuming, in the case of stress from other people, there’s something wrong with/about them.

The reason there is such a vast gap between people’s real-life experience and scientific knowledge is that science depends on theories. So if you experience something but science doesn’t have a theory to explain it you are, ipso facto, mistaken, deluded, disturbed or otherwise out of kilter with the prevailing ‘wisdom.’ Meanwhile, if you happen to be energy-vulnerable, you carry on feeling the effects of certain people, places, objects or activities. And such feelings can be devastating to the point, in some cases, of almost complete physical or psychological disability. Sadly, we have had several clients who came to us when they had ended up living in almost complete isolation, or even in one darkened room, due to their hyper-sensitivities.

chakrasimage Your energy field – I deliberately use the word ‘energy’ to avoid making tedious distinctions between electro-magnetic fields, prana fields, etc. – has the form of a large ovoid around your energy body (which exists within the same space as your physical body) and radiates out about as far as your arms can reach. If your energy field develops a deep lesion from the surface all the way through and into your energy body, you will become vulnerable to some environmental energies. If the head area of your energy body is damaged by the lesion, your nervous system will start directly reacting to environmental stresses, which may include  EMF (electro-magnetic field) pollution, natural environmental factors (e.g. climate, hills, water, etc.), pollution, man-made objects or images, airborne chemicals, certain sounds, buildings or even other people.

When your nervous system is reacting to an environmental stress you tetramastwill feel a  symptom in real time (i.e. as the stress is entering your energy body). Ironically, the many people who suffer in this way are relatively fortunate insofar as they have some awareness of being harmed – and so may be able to do something about it. All the people who’s nervous systems aren’t directly being affected are still being damaged by many environmental stresses but are more inclined to believe the prevailing science – which is usually to the effect that there’s nothing to worry about – because they lack an immediate sense of the damage that is nevertheless occurring within them.

Unfortunately, since men tend to be less energy-aware than women, we frequently encounter situations in which a woman is feeling chronically unwell but her male partner doesn’t understand what she is talking about. And may even use some  scientific argument to support his lack of understanding of, or lack of empathy for, her condition.

By contrast, here’s a recent message from a graduate of the Living With Energy Awareness Training:

“Bringing [my husband] was more worthwhile than I imagined. He has gotten very energy aware. . . he is avoiding foods he can’t have and even took down a chandelier that I knew was harming us – he tested it himself and could see the effects. He is now at the store getting a home plug (so WiFi is no longer needed) to which I never had to say anything (or nag). How wonderful for both of us!”  Kim P, USA

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware!)

Nowadays, there is a burgeoning industry dedicated to providing protections of various sorts against environmental stresses. The problem for the consumer is how to identify something that will adequately protect her with respect to her particular form(s) of sensitivity. The danger is that something can appear to provide adequate protection but, unbeknownst to its user, may also be emitting its own form(s) of environmental stress. The result, for literally millions of energy protection product owners, is that even as they may feel better in the short-term, new problems are starting to develop, which eventually manifest as symptoms they don’t connect with the ‘energy protection’ device. Then costly medications and other treatments may follow which, nevertheless, fail to work adequately as long as the device – which is presumed to be only beneficial – continues to be used.

WhiteJadeEnergyEggs The Guardian Energy Egg was originally developed because we were unable to find an energy protection product that didn’t emit its own harmful environmental stresses – we didn’t want our clients simply swapping one set of problems for another. We also found that most ‘energy protection’ devices, including ones supported by ‘scientific’ studies, work by stimulating the nervous system – so people initially feel better – but without providing any real protection at all.

As we learned to observe how an environmental stress – including energies received from other people – passes through the energy field, we were able to develop means of providing the energy body with more of the energies it naturally uses to maintain and repair its energy field, thus preventing the passage of invasive environmental stresses. This way, there is no artificial stimulation of the nervous system. And no drug-like energy used for such stimulation, with its attendant set of future side-effects. There is simply a partnership process between the energy field of the Energy Egg and the energy field of its owner.

In the Energy Egg Effect – Part 3, I will look at how all environmental stresses, regardless of their source or nature, damage peoples’ health, relationships, wealth or other areas of life. And how the Energy Egg

  • Seals your energy body against further damage
  • Helps your energy body repair itself and/or the energy field
  • Becomes stronger through simple energy development practices
  • Can help you identify ways you can increase your health, wealth, partnership, etc. qi (life energy)

In the meantime, if you would like to try an Energy Egg, don’t forget that it comes with its unique 12-month full money-back guarantee. This is the length of time you may need in order to observe the changes that can result from using an Energy Egg. Then again, many people notice the difference within a couple of hours – it’s just a matter of which parts of your energy body are being affected by which kinds of environmental stress. But no matter how long it may take for your energy to become stronger, the results, in terms of the quality of your life, will speak for themselves.

“I have had great success with your Energy Eggs and wanted to purchase . .  extra Eggs . . . . one a gift to my husband…. and the other is for a little special person…” Isabel JA, London, UK

“I’d like to buy another Energy Egg – my darling husband has seen the effect of the Egg on me and wants some of what I’ve got  . . . I’d be totally happy to pay twice the price!” Karen VE, Auckland, New Zealand

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