Dr Fujimoto We just received the old ‘Edward Fujimoto’ email again – it’s been around a few times that one! –  about the dangers for your health of plastic coming into contact with water and foods, particularly fats, when heated (sunlight, microwave, oven etc). It’s widely panned as myth and an ‘e-rumor’. And much of the email is silly, but Dr Fujimoto, now Director Of Medical Affairs at Green Panel Corporation Austin, Texas, has confirmed that his comments as reported in the email (from a TV interview in 2002 he gave in 2002) are fairly accurate.

Specifically his concern is whether a combination of ingredients, especially plastics and food fats, could result in food being contaminated by dioxins when heated in a microwave. He goes on to say that the amount of migration of dioxins to fat will be a function of the heat in the microwave, the type of plastic, the length of time of exposure, and the amount of fat that is in contact.  Dr. Fujimoto also pointed out that the amounts of dioxins in any given piece of plastic, or food that is microwaved in plastic, is very small, but that the problem is that dioxins get into the human body and accumulate.

Dr Rolf Halden, Professor of Environmental Health Services at Johns Hopkins thinks there are no dioxins in plastic but comments: “There is another group of chemicals added to plastics to make them flexible and less brittle that could disrupt endocrine functions in humans and animals and that heating up the plastics could increase their being released into water and food.” When cooking with plastics, Halden said that whenever you heat something it increases the likelihood that chemicals could leach out.  He recommends using inert heat-resistant glass, stainless steel or ceramics for cooking.

Yet another topic, a long-running one this one –  where the ‘experts’ disagree, though more and more information is coming out about dangerous plastics. Just google Nalgene water bottles, BPA in baby’s bottles for the first two that spring to mind.  And we can add it to the statins, coffee, low carb vv low fat diets, flouride, MMR vaccines, wifi, cell phones, PCB’s in farmed salmon, how to filter your water . .  controversies, to name but a few of the many current ‘debates.’

And so, what or who do you believe/trust? What do you do – only buy bottled water in glass bottles, don’t microwave with plastic wrap or containers, never eat farmed salmon, avoid wifi and cell phones etc?  How do you make the right decision for you amidst all the information overload and conflicting data and opinions?

Well . . . we threw out our microwave years ago, and our quartz watches for that matter, avoid plastic wrap touching our food, use glass storage containers and only buy bottled water in glass bottles – most water in plastic bottles tastes pretty awful, after you’ve drunk a few bottles of glass-bottled water – or if we really have to, in a ‘safe’ plastic one (numbers 2, 4, 5,  – look on the bottom of your bottle – number 7 includes the ‘dreaded’ BPA plastic) that our awareness says yes to.

And that’s the bottom line for us. More important than the science (which we also read) is our energy awareness.  A faculty we all have, but which is ignored and not well-developed in most people. Simply noting our body’s energetic response to those things shows us that, for us at least, they’re not for us.

It’s very simple to observe your energetic response to anything or anyone. It’s direct and it’s ‘true for you’. No point in taking or eating something good for 60% of people, if you’re one of the 40% it’s not good for . . . logical when you stop to think about it. But we’ve all become mesmerised by statistics that often don’t mean very much. And it’s often easier to let someone else do the thinking for us.

To awaken your own energy awareness, start with a pendulum (a simple amplifier of energetic changes already happening in your body as soon as it encounters something – or someone) to become aware of what your body already knows. We suggest a Perfect Pendulum.


We created them for our clients when we couldn’t find one on the market that didn’t distort either the response or the energy field of the person using it.  They:

  • prevent your body from picking up energy from anything you test which is actually bad for you
  • help you develop your own energy awareness, so you soon won’t need to use a pendulum, or muscle testing, or any other energy testing device at all
  • increase the accuracy of your energy testing

So it’s up to you – get confused by the science, fazed by duff emails, follow your preferred ‘guru,’ live in ‘ignorant bliss’ and just do any old thing, or start deciding for yourself by both becoming informed and becoming aware of what your own body and energy is constantly trying to tell you. It’s an endless and endlessly fascinating journey.

We’re experimenting with a DLAN wireless home network, which is looking good. If you’re aware of what damage the pulsed microwave frequencies of wifi, portable (cell) and DECT phones etc. can do to the human body and its chakras, you might be limiting your phone use, or avoiding a wireless connection and using a LAN cable instead right now. It’s what we’ve been recommending for our Energy Solutions clients up until a few days ago.  Then my awareness was drawn to the DLAN solution.

I’d read about D-LANs for some time but never quite understood how they worked or where you got one. Well, necessity being the mother of invention, and ‘co-incidence’ the voice of the spirit, I was browsing in the local Orange store for a possible way to get an internet connection into a bedroom for a guest without draping a 30m cable down the stairs, through the hallway etc etc. when my eyes lit upon a DLAN plug! Bingo! Continue reading →

As we are often asked how the Energy Egg works, we’ve written a number of articles on this subject over the last five years. However, one difficulty with describing the Energy Egg effect is that of avoiding a lot of technical jargon – such as names of different forms of qi, areas of the energy body, environmental stress terms, and so on – which can get confusing when delivered in one big chunk.

Therefore, I’m going to write about the Energy Egg in a short series of blogs covering some of its inner workings and functionality. This introduction focuses on how all people are affected by a wide range of environmental energies.

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According to its promotional materials, the Surge of Chi Exerciser

  • relieves stiffness and increases suppleness
  • reduces fatigue so you feel more energetic and alert
  • reduces stress so you feel calm and relaxed
  • gives your skin a healthy glow
  • strengthens your immune system

Chi machines were developed in Japan, where health improvements via the spine, through swinging one’s feet from side-to-side, have been known about since the early 20th century. A Japanese doctor observed that “goldfish exercise” can benefit your health in a remarkable number of ways through stimulating the nerves that connect every organ in your body to your spinal column. Millions of Japanese people have since confirmed the truth of this observation.

The original chi machine swings the feet at a fixed rate of 140 rpm. Although we often find this speed ideal for many people, we are also aware that other speeds are helpful for certain conditions. For example, we have seen clients who are recovering from illness or suffering arthritic conditions, benefit from much slower speeds. Fortunately, the Surge of Chi Exerciser can be adjusted to whatever speed works best for you.

Increasing Qi

The Surge of Chi Exerciser increases both your health qi and your creativity qi. The locations and quantities of creativity qi in your energy body don’t only determine the kinds and strengths of your creativity in the usual sense, but also your ability to respond effectively to the problems or challenges that appear in your life.

Specifically, the Surge of Chi Exerciser increases health qi in the 2nd, 4th and 6th (also creativity qi) and 7th chakras. It directly increases qi in the left channel of each of these chakras. It also increases qi in the right channel of the 4th chakra.

Heart Benefits

Your 4th chakra directly controls your heart function. Also the health of your stomach, duodenum, pancreas, breasts and much of the immune system. Fifteen minutes on a chi machine is claimed to be equivalent in ‘oxygen benefit’ to 90 minutes of brisk walking. So it can be an efficient alternative to outdoor exercise in the event of bad weather or when you lack the time to do more exercise.

We have certainly noticed, through using the Surge of Chi Exerciser ourselves, improvements in heart function, stronger immunity and a greater sense of well-being.

Sexual Energy

Increasing qi in the left channel of the 2nd chakra directly acts as a sexual energy stimulator. So you not only experience increased libido but also avoid the common side-effects  of popular medical stimulants.

More Energy

Your 6th chakra controls the frontal lobes of your brain, your autonomic nervous system and sensory organs: eyes, ears, nose, skin, etc.. Problems such as chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, eczema, etc., always include a 6th chakra fracture – a lesion in the 6th chakra that causes a constant or fluctuating loss of qi.

Since the Surge of Chi Exerciser is claimed to reduce stress and fatigue, and to improve skin tone – we can certainly testify to the former two – its energy-cultivating influence on the 6th chakra explains how it achieves this.

When qi increases in the left side of a chakra then flows across to the right side, it brings physical and psychological benefits. In fact, an entire system of medicine – homeopathy – is based on this phenomenon. Homeopathy can’t be explained by conventional science because science is fixated on right channel phenomena.

Homeopathy is a left channel science or, perhaps, medical art. By increasing energy in the left channel in such a way that it then crosses to the right channel in a chakra, homeopathic remedies can bring benefits that are unattainable through a direct right channel approach if the chakra fracture underlying an illness originates on the left side of the chakra. This is why millions of people  have experienced benefits – many of them life-saving – from homeopathy after allopathic medicine has failed to help them.

Many of the of the physical and psychological benefits attributed to chi machines by their users can be explained by this left to right side energy- crossover effect.

Protection From Mobile Phones?

All mobile phones cause lesions to develop in the left sides of the 2nd chakra (gonads), 4th chakra (heart and immunity), 6th chakra (autonomic nervous system) and 7th chakra (central nervous system). Since these are the areas most strongly affected by the Surge of Chi Exerciser, it may be a significant de-stressor from a day of mobile phone use or passive irradiation from other peoples’ mobile phones.

For most people, there is no way to avoid exposure to mobile phone radiation. What is more, most of the devices that claim to protect mobile phone users from their phones

  • stimulate the left side of the 6th chakra – so people temporarily feel better – but without eliminating the stress
  • convert the emissions into other forms of stress and/or
  • fail to protect most areas of the energy body other than the 6th chakra

So the more ways we have to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of this inimical radiation, the better.1

Brain Function

Apart from increasing creativity qi, the Surge of Chi Exerciser also increases health qi in much of the left side of the 7th chakra, which controls the central nervous system.  Consequently, I looked up peoples’ clinical experience of ‘goldfish exercise’ with respect to CNS-related disorders. Reports mention benefits for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, autism, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s, senility, and much more besides.

So this really is a health-maintenance and healing instrument that we can recommend for anyone – unless you happen to suffer from any kind of spinal or pelvic condition; in which case, do ask your practitioner for advice.

We have recommended the Surge of Chi Exerciser to many of our clients, from whom we’ve received much positive feedback.

The Surge of Chi Exerciser is showcased at Surge of Chi

To go direct to a VIDEO PRESENTATATION click here www.surgeofchi.com/video.htm

To purchase a Surge of Chi Exerciser and receive a special 5% discount exclusive to Living With Energy Awareness readers, visit one of the following 2 sites and quote PL21-SK in the discount field within the order form:*

www.energyforhealth.co.uk [UK & Europe – 220-240 volts version]

www.chiexercisemachine.com [North America – 110 volt version]

* Please note that we may receive a commission for recommending products that meet our standards. This commission enables us to spend time researching products in order to  discover which ones offer real whole body energy benefits.


1 from Approaching Epidemic: Brain Damage From Mobile Phone Exposure by Dr Mercola

Researchers Keep Finding Links Between Cell Phone Use, Brain Damage and Cancer

Last year, a well-circulated Swedish study found that people using cell phones doubled their risk of developing brain cancer and acoustic neuroma (a tumor that damages your hearing nerve).

The study also showed that people who started using cell phones before the age of 20 were more than five times as likely to develop brain cancer.

The European Parliament responded by voting 522 to 16 to urge ministers across Europe to impose stricter limits for exposure to radiation from mobile and cordless phones, wi-fi and other radiation-generating devices — in part because children are particularly vulnerable to the risk.

Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, M.D., the Speaker for?Environmental Medicine for the Austrian Medical Association in Vienna, Austria says:

“The scientific data show, with a high degree of confidence, that mobile phone exposure is associated with an increased brain tumor risk.

The age group below 20 years is facing the greatest risk, which for malignant (deadly) brain tumors is about 400 percent, compared to non-exposed.

When we take the long latency period of up to some decades into account, and the fact that large parts of our society, and especially more and more teenagers and even children are using mobile phones on a daily basis, we may well expect a brain tumor epidemic.

From a public health perspective there is an urgent need not only for a wake-up call for our society, but for measures that are able to combat this public health threat effectively, now.”

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